1. Fully agree on the potential of the concept. Unfortunately in fairly young fandoms self-inserts are normally really shitty self indulgent shipping fics which gives them a bad reputation.

  2. This is awesome. I always thought that it was quite strange that OFA only enhanced Agility, Speed, Strength and Durability and nothing else. The great thing about this is that this is something that you could implement into canon as the original users didn't have the time, nor resources or people they could trust to research and document the power. By the time it had gotten to All Might, there was still so much they didn't know other than "stockpiled strength that is passed down". Since that is what he knew and because it came easy to him, he used in the most basic of ways.

  3. It'll be cool to see someone else's interpretation of the idea. I only ask for a small credit, just writing somewhere 'Deku's quirk was inspired by Vale Ember on Wattpad'.

  4. Thats fine I was just wondering. Also while I would love to beta read your story, I've never done it before so I wouldn't be the best judge of your writing but thank you for offering.

  5. It's not too much - It's just a few pages of a google doc, that summarises the plot. (It's not spell-checked, since it won't be published) Could you just have your general thoughts on the plot, pros and cons?

  6. The plot is a good expansion of deku's crusade, however depending on how dark you want your story to be i think the characters and others reactions(class 1a, teachers and the media of other countries) could be more severe and more disapproving. This having a knock on effect on deku changing how he does his "hero" work. Overall the inclusion of stars and stripe is a good contrast between what dek wants in a hero society and how it really is. Although I believe that deku being there when shigaraki is killed should have a larger effect on deku as the world will see deku and tomura perhaps in the same light, later down the road when deku goes into a full vigliante/villain. Also the other countries government should have harsher reaction on deku affecting the public illegaly, especially with him being a foreigner. The vestiges souls should be split between wanting to help deku and trying and failing to stop him. An idea you could use is in the middle of the fic, deku could fight a villain on overhauls level of danger in a different country, further revealing the affects the deku has on other. Overall good plot.

  7. I get what you mean - I'm not sure if you've read it, but in vigilantes: I saw some fans loath the police for calling the Crawler a villain, without seeing it as a mortally-grey issue. Individually, the crawler is competent and has done a lot of good - However, on a larger scale, he could inspire less capable people if he goes scot-free. If an official story struggled to convey that complexity to the audience, I have an uphill battle as a fanfic writer. As a reader, would you have any advice on that?

  8. I think that at the very least, Endeavor would have some kind of realization about who Dabi was especially if he comes right out and said it. His siblings would immediately embrace their brother and Shoto will just look at him like he is a never before seen uncle on his moms side.

  9. I thought it was a bit boring if he died within a month - So if he got medical treatment to survive, what do you think Dabi's affect would be, if he lived long-term?

  10. I actually do have two Todoroki ocs, both handling Enji's abuse wayyy different-er

  11. Got some unique OCs right there - I was wondering, do you know how their storylines end? How do you they react to Enji's redemption or Dabi's crimes?

  12. Itsuki Todoroki - The twin of Natsuo. He's tall but lean, with wavy pink hair. His quirk is shooting jets of steam from his hands. Enji knew the steam quirk had hero potential but wasn't at the level needed to surpass All Might. Though, Itsuki was powerful enough to be a convenient training dummy. So Itsuki was caught between two worlds, muddling his sense of self: He'd play alongside his older siblings, but would sometimes be dragged into sparring with Shoto. He couldn't fully relate to his older siblings being neglected, nor Shoto's constant physical abuse. As a defence mechanism, Itsuki became a jokester, to deflect times he accidentally offended his siblings with his unawareness.

  13. I really enjoy this prompt though I believe it would be fun if they heard the conversation between Izuku and All Might when he was told he couldn't be a quirkless hero, and instead they talked to him found out about his life (a Neglectful/abusive Inko AU where she is also Kotaro's sister who Nana also left being a bit like the way he was to Tenko) and AFO decided to make him his successor. All Might dosen't give OFA to Tenko, but listens to Night Eye and gives it to Miro, AFO informs Midoriya of OFA, and the quirk AFO and asks him if he would like to become AFO's succesour and he agrees.

  14. Thanks for the suggestion, as I am brainwashing who can replace Tenko as AFO's successor. Admittedly though, I think Izuku as AFO's successor is overly common and it would overshadow Kataro as the focal point of the AU.

  15. I like the prompt, I think it's really interesting, but honestly when you mentioned nomus my mind went to Kurogiri. Not that that means anything. Uh, but does Tenko get ofa? Or I thought that maybe you could have Mamadoriya as a lawyer for heroes and put a twist on the Tenko and Izuku are brothers thing. like, he could be obsessed with video games because he wants to beat Izuku? or something like that, ig.

  16. I have thought about giving Tenko One For All, though I thought it would be out-of-character for All Might. He's shown to have respect for doctors and policemen: So I think he'd trust the doctors when Tenko is discharged from rehab. Becoming a hero might even be necessary for Tenko's mental recovery, feeling like he making up for his family's death by saving others.

  17. Thanks for the tips! You know so many writing hacks. Good luck with your fic, you mentioned you want to start your own.

  18. I think everyone's glossing over the fact that Dabi murdered all of those kids. It's an afterthought in the actual chapter too but when he runs away you can see the building burning behind him.

  19. It's not confirmed what happened to the children either way. They could've died, they could've of escaped, we don't know.

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