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  1. Kafka was the first writer I really loved. I read everything multiple times, including his diaries and letters. Rn I’m reading the first volume of Reiner Stach’s bio and am still amazed how after all these years and re-reads I can be shown all the these new dimensions of his works. The word gets thrown around too much and cheapened but if he wasn’t a genius no one is.

  2. Ohh that Stach biography is probably the best literary biography ever written, next to Brian Boyd's Nabokov.

  3. Kafka's finished works are absolutely brilliant while his less polished stuff is a drudgery.

  4. The Trial is quite enjoyable (in the right edition, with scholarly annotations). The Castle even more so in my opinion, because even if it doesn't have an ending all the material that we do have works well. It has a very unique pacing and feeling to it, like a travel novel set within a weird dream.

  5. As a gay man I'm just baffled by all this. We do have the loose rule of "grindr is for sex, tinder is for dates" but personally I've always find Tinder repellent (people add their employer and alma mater there??) while grindr has a straightforward, honest charm to it. You just meet men based on very superficial compatibility (physical from seeing pics, maybe some vibes you get from chatting sometimes for a day or two before meeting up), have sex with them, and then get to know them as a person. Most of the time it ends there, sometimes you find there's good chemistry and you become fuckbuddies (awesome deal), sometimes you keep in contact and become friends, a few select times you end up dating.

  6. You're shitting me this literally happened to me last spring. I was personally victimised by Tap and Barrel $26 "ceviche" that had maybe 25g of fish in it and massive slices of jalapeño and way too much onion. They had these fucking lamps. I don't think it's possible to have enjoyable ceviche outside of South America.

  7. I live in South America and I find that hard to believe. You just need good fresh fish and to follow the recipe. It's a really simple dish.

  8. Have you eaten ceviche in North America? I want so badly for that to be true.

  9. No, I haven't. What can they be doing to it to make it so bad? They add jello? Mayo? Ranch dressing?

  10. This body type is very similar to the "old guy who's in shape but out of shape". Normal arms, normal legs, normal ass, huge beer belly. It's the result of being very active while also eating like garbage and drinking all the time.

  11. I don't know if being very active but with a bad diet would necessarily cause this, but I have heard the hypothesis that people that have been overweight for most of their lives (slowly gaining weight over many years till they reach an obese weight) tend to have the fat more distributed throughout their whole bodies. Whereas if you gain a lot of weight in a short period of time you'll likely put most of it in your gut.

  12. I went to school in China - I remember school being straight up canceled some days due to pollution. It was the best. It was like a weird version of snow day.

  13. Sorry to say this but if you spent several years in a heavily pollutad Chinese city (or in any part of the world) you've likely lost a consequential amount of your original life expectancy due to all the pollution you were exposed to. Some very high quality

  14. Roughly 5 times the price of name brand solid white albacore.

  15. I guess the best use for that product is some sort of sushi roll, right?

  16. Hey, love how much you put into this post! It's a pity you didn't get more engagement, you make some really interesting points

  17. Hey - thanks for the reply! Your feedback on that other poster's recent post (and my questions therein) were really helpful also.

  18. I feel that from the Trapiche Terroir Series the Coletto is the one you'll most likely enjoy (it's the more cool-climate one, fresh, mineral) but Ambrosía is also excellent and a good mid-point between freshness and a more classical concentration and ageworthiness. The 2015 vintage of those seems to be in circulation these days, which is good because they really need a few years. They'll be in peak drinking age in another 2-5 years I think.

  19. I feel that what most people miss from Vivino is building a network of people you follow who you know (either literally in person, from social media or from the app itself) and generally trust their palate and notes, and their tastes align with yours. So eventually when using the app while buying wine (the main use at least I give it), most of the time you'll get at least one review from the "people you follow" you can more safely rely on to have an idea of you'll get from a bottle.

  20. Catena make great wine, worth checking out wines from Colomé, Altos Las Hormigas and Amaya if you can find them. I haven’t had it in years, but the first Malbec I had that I absolutely loved was Domaine Bousquet Reserva, so keep an eye out for that.

  21. Personally don't recommend Domaine Bousquet these days, they're ok wines and affordable but I feel there's far better from Mendoza at the same price. Colomé is killer though (it's Salta, not Mendoza), also recommend El Porvenir from there (they make the Amauta and Laborum labels).

  22. As just a server I would never open a bottle without presenting it and having the person that ordered it ok it. Can’t tell if this happened

  23. Reading the post it sounded like they got it BTG? But even a BTG wine these days, so often served from a Coravin if it's expensive, they'll show you the label clearly before serving.

  24. I'm surprised so many countries near the equator didn't make the cut for >48C.

  25. i saw Argentina and i was like "well, they have some really cold places at the south... and then watched the symbology... that was unexpected

  26. Those record highs occurred in Santiago del Estero and Córdoba, two neighbouring provinces at a latitude of about 30°-28°S. Not especially tropical, that's about where Namibia and Perth in Western Australia are.

  27. Wow, extremely thorough response. Is this copy pasta or did you write this yourself? Very clearly written, great stuff.

  28. I'm glad you found it informative. And no, it's not a copypasta lol

  29. I found myself nodding as I read that. Tend to agree. Have you heard of the concept of a Network State? Coined by a man named Balaji Srinivasan (he has a book of the same name that just recently came out). His thinking is similar in that there’s already so much inertia that will likely continue the deterioration, and politics/governments as we know them will evolve into networks that are all developed and maintained over the internet. Location won’t matter as much anymore, it’ll be about what network you involve yourself with and support. Who knows if that how it’ll turn out but seems plausible.

  30. That's interesting, I'd never heard of him or his thesis. I'll look that book up!

  31. Because most guys around here are just fans of Cbum and old school bodybuilders, which is fine ofc, but they seem to also need to hate on open bodybuilders for some reason.

  32. Also most people here lift and hope to improve their physique, and practically no one here wants to look like Nick Walker. He looks grotesque

  33. What do you do to make sure you don't get too big? 😂

  34. Another "only Kirk Cameron gets a microphone" production

  35. Am I confused or the main actor is the same guy narrating the trailer?

  36. I don't want to be rude but honestly I've never met a person who got in good shape that didn't want to achieve that. You truly need to want that for you, and that means not only going in and doing your workouts but also being proactive in seeking out information, troubleshooting issues you that crop up along the way with your workouts and such. Looking at it as a journey of self-discovery and self-development.

  37. Can’t tell if his adductors need work or if it’s just a posing problem, but that thigh gap is majorly messing with his look

  38. He really does have a weird thigh gap, but I think it might just be something about the bone structure in his hips or something that causes it

  39. This is because everybody wants to get buttfucked but there's only so many buttfuckers in the world. All hetero curious guys are bottoms because their curiosity is about taking. If it were about giving, they'd just plow their gfs/wives backfields.🤷🏼‍♂️

  40. That's interesting, I never go for "hetero curious guys", they're often a huge bag of unresolved issues and incredibly rude. But I do see profiles where bottoms ask for "bi guys". I guess they mean masc types who are supposedly bi?

  41. That’s the answer. I’m verse and have a specific type when it comes to topping and am more liberal when it comes to my bottom aesthetic

  42. Same here. I feel that it's basically because you have to sustain an erection, and personally I can only sustain an erection while fucking a guy I find truly attractive. So that reduces the number of men I'd top significantly. Bottoming? Even if it's more work and whatever, it's so much easier.

  43. Love albariño, when done well it's such a delightful wine — mouthwatering, refreshing, with just the right amount of body. Where are Sauv Blanc may be too agressively herbal and austere, or a Chardonnay too cloying or lacking in acidity, an Albariño can be the best of both worlds. Wonderful aromas, refreshing, lovely salinity at the end.

  44. Holy shit one of their top posts is about turning 18 and getting all their vaccines their parents never got them

  45. Him and Matt should embrace third worldism and regime mindset, they'd be so much happier

  46. Nah Liliana dentro de todo no es tan mala, mi novia tiene una minipimer liliana hace años y anda joya. Igual la mayoria de los electrodomesticos a nivel mundial son chinos, pero bueno los chinos pueden hacer cosas muy buenas como cosas berretas tambien.

  47. Idem Atma. Obvio no es Apple pero para una marca nacional sus productos cumplen bien y duran bastante. Lo mismo Peabody (aunque tengo menos experiencia con esos).

  48. Hay un teórico que se llama Jorge Bustamante, escribió hace décadas un libro que se llama La República Corporativa. Básicamente argumenta que el gran obstáculo para el desarrollo nacional es la colonización del estado por cientos de intereses sectoriales distintos. Entre los cuales están el gran problema según tantos en este sub (los sindicatos) pero también decididamente los empresarios. Cada industria que tenemos una vez que más o menos despega las empresas líderes se aseguran de que el estado levante barreras a la competencia (interna y externa) para que mantengan su posición dominante, lo cual a menudo incluye pago de impuestos, tasas y aranceles que suman a la presión tributaria. El efecto de esto es poca productividad, ineficiencia, y una pérdida de bienestar para el conjunto de la sociedad en forma de pagar más por bienes producidos por empresas poco competitivas, poco productivas y sobreprotegidas. También dificulta hacer políticas macro que generen bienestar generalizado, porque implica afectar a montones de intereses creados que tiran para veinte lados distintos, siempre buscando cuidar su kiosquito.

  49. Hay algún barrio donde sería conveniente por su ubicación hospedarse? Lugares o zonas de la ciudad que evitar?

  50. A pesar del alarmismo que vas a escuchar acá, Buenos Aires es bastante segura. Para mí la mejor zona en tanto cercanía a todo/conectividad, seguridad y linda es Belgrano. Núñez también, tiene menos edificios, pero es tanto más remota. Tratá de conseguir un airb&b u hotel por ahí, evitando estar cerca de Avenida Cabildo — no por peligroso pero porque todo lo que está sobre Cabildo es feo y ruidoso.

  51. tiene 62 años y mejor fisico que muchisimos jovenes que conozco ( me incluyo ), las giladas que se hace en la cara son tema aparte.

  52. Sí, se nota que está entrenando bastante en el gym y haciendo dieta hipocalórica para estar definido. Se lo ve super flaco y como desnutrido pq en general pero especialmente a edad (y quizá con su contextura, genética) hacer dieta hipocalórica te deja muy "depleted", desinflado. Más que ponerse tanto botox en la cara que arranque TRT y va andar fenómeno

  53. Also, I'm surprised to see that Bordeaux so often warned against for Thanksgiving. We had a young, Merlot-based Bordeaux last year with Thanksgiving and thought it worked great. Thoughts on this?

  54. Makes perfect sense. But I'm guessing that people are warning against it thinking of Left Bank wines?

  55. Sophomoric oenophile - here. Just came to my awareness that a great difference between French / and much EU wines and California/ Napa wines is that in Napa and California a large number of growers can and do irrigate the vines. My understanding is this is a hard No No in the EU. More learned geeks please let me know if this is correct. From my operational experience, I’m quite sure Australia also irrigates their vines.

  56. Yes, same thing with Chile and Argentina. Our wine growing regions are really arid, they have the climate for wine but not the rainfall. Thankfully since they're next to mountains full of glaciers and snow they have rivers and aquifers available for irrigation. This causes our wines to be somewhat more consistent year to year, whereas somewhere like France they depend on rainfall more so the variations are far wilder.

  57. Interesting. Are there many notable 100% (or 85% I guess) cab franc's being produced in California?

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