1. Do you plan to get mechanical experience and work on it yourself? Or are you hoping it’ll be a reliable and you won’t have to.

  2. Im hoping to get a bit of mechanical experience, but I really would not like to take on any more than I can handle all at once. My finances and experience level may make a big project difficult for me.

  3. Go Air Guard you psycho. Do all your drills for the year in one big chunk and then be a civilian for the rest of the year.

  4. Can you really do all your air guard drills in one chunk of the year? I hadn’t heard of this before & want get more info before the end of my first contract

  5. Not a D&D player, but during my basic, someone had created a board and had a game every night. I’m in AIT now for intel and there’s magic games and d&d every Saturday at the rec center

  6. Sounds interesting I am also in a ait for Intel I will have to see if that is where I am

  7. Dude. I don’t understand the Fafsa at all. I have claimed tax independently for 5 years. I am also 23, and in the army. I can not, for the life of me, find how to select I am a military member now which would allow me to file independently. I will receive no assistance.

  8. I'm still an IET'er, close to the end of my 2-year long training. So this probably won't mean much coming from me.

  9. We actually have a Norwegian ruck at the end of next month, but I’m having a hard time understanding why you would want the badge besides for some glam. It looks like it’s not worth promotion points right?

  10. Thank you for this detailed and thorough post. I’ll need to look into the socks for sure.

  11. I got the reservation for 35T with 45k bonus, shipping this month! Thanks for your advice and info.

  12. I am at the MEPS hotel to ship to basic tomorrow for 35T in a 5 year commitment. I have a few questions about some miscellaneous things that I would love some information or recommendations for.

  13. Heads up you’ll have to wait until 10 years in to be able to start a masters after you use TA to get your bachelors

  14. Do you mean using TA for the masters or even using the GI bill for my masters?

  15. Shipping today as 35T. 35P also had $40k+ bonus since it’s a harder spot to fill

  16. I’m shipping to basic on Monday (2 days from now) as a 35T. I’m not into the outdoors or the “macho” culture and would find the Air Force a much better fit for the quality of life I’m used to. BUT Army allowed me to know what the next year of my life looked like, let me pick my exact job I wanted, and offered me a $45K bonus. When I talked to the Air Force, they made me provide a list of 9 jobs and 1 index that you have to enlist before they are assigned and still are not guaranteed to get. Personally, I couldn’t take that chance of wanting to go cyber to get something that was completely unrelated leaving me to hate my job for the next few years.

  17. I’m going in as soon as I pay off some debts, hopefully that bonus or something similar is available

  18. I have a good amount of debt as well. I don’t know your specific situation, but I am selling my car because I won’t need it and will pay off debt with with. Basic will give you the chance to save $4k with no way of spending it. SCRA also reduces military interest rates to 6% or less. I wouldn’t recommend waiting based on paying down debt, but to each their own.

  19. Just a few months ago I felt like I was in the situation where if I kept my job and apartment, I was going to end up homeless. Ended up signing up with the army. They are going to put a roof over my head, feed me, pay me, and train me. $45K bonus. Free college & healthcare. Training in a field for 6 figures once I get out. It’s a great plan for those who feel lost or uncertain about their future because of how stable it is. Just make sure to do your research.

  20. Hey man, going to basic in 2 days for 35T, so take everything I say with a grain of salt. From my understanding, 35N sounds very boring. Reading reports just to paraphrase into other reports. 35L I believe is entry level rn as I had it as an option when picking my MOS, and will give you some pretty good experience in a field that is going to transfer CIA.

  21. Just a heads up, I believe that 17C doesn’t allow for any non-traffic misconduct. I just signed my contract, and while talking to my recruiter, he mentioned I would be ineligible for 17C due to an MIP of alcohol. On the other hand, Air Force does not let you pick your jobs. This was a variable I didn’t feel comfortable with. Look into 35T, the MOS I ended up signing for. It looks like some people can go into NETSEC after service.

  22. I just reserved a spot for 35T today. Going to MEPS Thur/Fri, and if all goes well, I plan on enlisting that day. If there are any 35Ts, let me get some advice. I’d love to hear about the quality of life, opportunities for education, education pathways to promising careers, and any other advice you have to offer.

  23. Thank you for the reply. I just signed and swore in today. If you have any tips for basic/ait or the MOS I’d love to hear them, they’d be of great help. Two questions for you: what are some career fields I should be looking into with the training from this MOS? And will I have my car at AIT? I’m thinking of selling it if I won’t have it for a year lol. Thank you very much in advance

  24. If you can get a slot, do 35T. Same thing but they deal with intelligence systems.

  25. I really liked the inferno kontrol freeks. I lost one a while ago and went for the galaxy ones since the inferno were out of stock. They’re pretty good too!

  26. Those that invalidate your feelings and are never in the wrong, no matter what.

  27. Just celebrated my 1 year anniversary by breaking up with one of these types

  28. How’s does this not have hundreds of upvotes? What a relationship goal.

  29. I’m not sure what’s going on with this, but the last 3 months occasionally my ball cam just doesn’t work. Tried different controllers and it is definitely some kind of bug

  30. Hey guys. I took my asvab and scored a 99 on it. My recruiter told me that I wouldn’t have to take the DLAB because of it. No one at my recruiting station are able to tell me what category of language I’d qualify for or what the cutoffs are on the asvab. If you guys have some information, please let me know.

  31. Assuming you're doing 35M/P. You should receive a phone call after you swear in & before you ship giving you the option to pick your language based on what they say is available. At least that's what a applicant from my station got to do.

  32. Looking into those as secondaries. Really want 35T, but I’m relying on a waiver for an MIP of alcohol I got 5 years ago & then I’d be a bit nervous over the clearance as I have $6k in cc debt and a marijuana related suspension in high school.

  33. My man… just pause, hit R2, and the second from the left screen will be for turning team/party chat on or off

  34. I lived in Chicago for a short amount of time, but now live in Cincinnati. For me, it’s a big city, but for others it is a small city. It’s almost half the price of living in Chicago. I don’t see how you could live on less than 100k in the middle of Chicago, but should be relatively easy in Cincinnati for 55k.

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