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  1. He used to be a marathon runner. Then he took an arrow to the knee.

  2. Yes I also want now if there is a way to change it back. I don’t care if they want to default a new feature but lemme change it back in case I don’t like it. Don’t just make it inaccessible. Will award way to change it back.

  3. You’re not bad just learning. Either you’re ammo choice is bad or your shooting needs to brush up which will happen the more you play and if you focus on pvp. Save your deaths to slo mo and see how your aim is. Close shot misses are still misses. But then you also need to train the tactics side as well. Don’t push multiple teams if you can’t kill quick and try and aim for appropriate areas based on ammo/weapon choice. Train your full auto skills with the ump it really helps and is not that expensive. Also offline coop raid deathmatches are good to learn.

  4. Gonna hijack this thread and ask why people bring a splint and a cms instead of just bringing a surv kit?

  5. My preferred loadout is the gamma container with grizzly Cms combo. Makes for endless use of the grizzly. I usually carry my painkillers in the pocket for hotkeying. Then you have two open slots for ammo or for key ring and ammo.

  6. We should rejoice in that if we get the drop on peeps we should be able to annihilate them. And yeah IRL you get hit the head or chest with some of these calibers you wouldn’t just be running around. So I wanna see what it looks like. Could be dope.

  7. I honestly feel you just have to think of it as you’re the one who welcomed them to tarkov and hope they stay a while 🤙🏼

  8. You always have a dedicated open spawn on the map. Reserve has the train which isn’t ideal but it’s there. Some maps have backpackless extractions. But you always get the extract that’s furthest from your spawn. Spawn at big red you get zb. Spawn on the other side of big red you get crossroads etc. it’s to make people flow across and run into each other. You’ll never have a close extract from spawn for the most part.

  9. Why not just shut it off at that point? Yeah it takes longer to finish but you're not going to be playing for another 15 hours or so so it would probably be completed by the time you log on again.

  10. Sometimes it’s longer this is just a now situation haha. As I said it would just be nice.

  11. I mean yeah I certainly don't think this would be a bad QOL upgrade. Actually I think I would prefer this to the current system where you can turn off your generator and your item still crafts.

  12. Yeah I totally agree. But I also feel it’s a subtle way to get people to come back to Tarkov to play 🤷🏻‍♂️

  13. I like this a lot. Anything to end scav on scav violence or punish these assholes harder. Have a big brain award.

  14. Scav on scav murder to me is just stupid. Everyone is trying to just get gear. The worst thing is extract camping. Adding hackers in to me it’s hackers

  15. Dude seriously I feel the same. There’s two groups of people. Those that just want to bitch apparently, and those that are just happy a game a dev like this exist. Been playing since alpha people just don’t realize the amount of change that this game has gone through. Wanna bitch go back and play dayz.

  16. Household chores. My sisters used to gang up and blackmail me me and somehow it was always my turn for dishes. Honestly never known a gal that didn’t appreciate the hell out of how I just simply just do them nowadays as I’m older. One of my ex’s used to complain and complain about the state of their own laundry and dishes in the sink but never lifted a hand to do anything. So I added that stuff in too. Honestly I’m super happy with the fact I’m just desensitized af at this point in my life and can clean the whole house while cycling laundry and dishes (which also means wiping the counter and stuff after apparently) in like 3 hours. Be surprised how much a partner appreciate stuff like that and for me it’s easy wins haha. Fuck that sexist bullshit about those being for women lmao.

  17. First 2 weeks/month of wipe are usually trash after work hours. But honestly check your sever settings in game the launcher and make sure it is set on auto select. Otherwise you’re competing for space on a limited amount of servers instead of letting it branch out.

  18. How sort I feel traditional logic in games was lower everything. So do try that.

  19. More in it for smaller series these days. Try Ad︅ Vitam

  20. Honestly with the gear fear/fear of dying in Tarkov literal tactics work. I basically try and return tire while seeking cover. Concealment is not the same as cover. People should shoot at known, likely, and suspected locations in that order, but in Tarkov they just tend to look in that order instead of shoot.

  21. You mean Ritual-Suicide in the name of the holy Nikita.

  22. First off try to get bitcoin done so it negates fuel costs. Then craft the stim treee whenever you find a golden star. So propital->sj1->sj6 and do woods scav runs to farm the intermediate mats. Reason being it uses 1 sj1 to make 2 sj6 and that’s profit.

  23. I always tell people to take it into slow mo and you’ll be surprised at how small the margin for error is and that it really is just usually missed shots. YouTube let’s you put it at .25x speed. I did this for your clip and it clearly shows a headshot lmao. So, yes your outrage is valid 🤙🏼

  24. I’m assuming it was just desync or something but wow that one really shocked me lol

  25. Haha well it’s like I usually go out to just put it out where the game is crazily drawn around the character so a small miss is still a miss. But that’s like some pink mist if I ever saw haha. Hopefully these weird issues will get resolved. I still have fun lmao.

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