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  1. That’s why OP got scammed and I didnt. Doesn’t seem like I’m the one lacking observation skills🤣

  2. Would you apply the same principle if there was a checkpoint on the road? If you have something illegal in your vehicle and see a checkpoint on the road and just decide to do a U-Turn, you’re guaranteed to have the police follow you and pull you over and I can assure you if you say “I left something at home” they’re not just gonna send you on your way without searching the vehicle

  3. The wall didn’t just magically appear the instant red hit blue. It had been there when they showed up, practiced, and been playing.

  4. The whole point is the wall should have never been there in first place. When you practice before a football match you practice with team mates and rarely do any sort of practice that includes physical contact in order to avoid injury. Don’t comment if you don’t know anything about the sport or about what it takes in order for something to be considered manslaughter

  5. Ah so no object permanence for the players, gotcha. Ofcourse the team isn’t going to truck their own teammates lmao. But I mean everyone playing that game, watching the video, and in the stands sees the wall is close to the edge of the field. But somehow this specific play that red SHOULDERS blues CHEST on the EDGE of the field NEXT to a concrete barrier is just a silly little mishap.

  6. Yet again you miss the point, the players intention was to go for a fair shoulder which is allowed in the sport. The blue player then turns at the very last second and the red player strikes his chest. He had no intentions of colliding with his chest when he made the initial motion

  7. To use codeine as a painkiller is rather odd. It’s usually gets prescribed against coughing to allow sleep at night. Maybe talk to your doctor about changing it?

  8. Codeine is regularly prescribed for pain especially in Europe. I was prescribed codipar for a damaged ligament in my shoulder very recently as I was struggling to sleep with the pain.

  9. Did you fill out the returns form and abide by the return guidelines? If not then unfortunately you’re out of luck. In order to get any sort of refund the item needs to be sent back within 14 days from the date you received your order

  10. I don't think this is right. I'm not going to start trying to find the right quote / legal bit but if something falls apart then the normal 14 day return window doesn't really apply. I think it's up to 6months or something.

  11. Obviously it was opened within the 14 days, wouldn’t have ever known it was ripped otherwise. I presume the reason they never bothered even as much as replying to an email is because who’s to say I didn’t just rip the jacket myself and want a refund/replacement. I order a piece off palace every week that I’m not told to “ready thyself” love the brand but hate the customer service. Never had an issue with any other pieces of clothing from them just haven’t bought a jacket since as I’ve heard of numerous people that have been in the same boat as me

  12. This is terrible advice if you want to be a productive stoner🤣 do your productive activities first and then smoke your weed it’ll feel a whole lot more rewarding and will get a much better stone when you know your activities for the day are done and you can just chill out

  13. Have never mixed the two but have mixed Xanax and ket and the effects massively differ depending on dosage of each, for me I was on a rather high dose of Xanax each time and it was kinda just a waste of k, just ended up not really remembering any of the k trip, just remember feeling a bit wobbly then suddenly waking up a couple hours later slumped on the couch

  14. Yeah thats why hope the clonazepam is better to combo cause it's muscle relaxant and xanax is not

  15. I’d say just keep the clonaz dose light and work away on the k to get the most out of the combo

  16. This doesn’t deserve the “/s” lmao the person in question just swapped their Xanax addiction for a weed addiction which is of course a better alternative but doesn’t change the fact they are addicted to weed

  17. I dont think addictions are wrong as long as it doesn't put a strain on you or those around you, even small scale shit like don't be a damn crab because you haven't had your first cup of coffee in the am ya know? It's no different than a hobby you are avid about, I for instance have spent thousands on hobby grade toys, or I've spent thousands on a stupid android game, I litterally couldn't stop blasting cash, constant short on bills or jeezus all the overdraft fees at the bank, but I smoked weed thruought this, little over a pound a year but my grow tent paid for itsself and cost me nuthin.

  18. You can’t really compare cocaine to opiates when it comes to the “people just won’t care” argument. Opiates we’re never really a party drug hence why more people stopped using when they found out how truly bad they were for you. As someone else said when you’re pissed drunk and someone offers you a line the first thing that pops into your head is not going to be “this is too dangerous for me to take”

  19. The main problem is finding people who actually don’t do cocaine when they’re on the drink, it’s a huge problem in Ireland, I’d never touch coke sober but as soon as I have a few drinks in me I’m straight on the bag and id honestly say this is the same for a good 75% of people from the age range of 17-40 in Ireland

  20. No I don’t think they’re a comparable health risk. Nobody said that. My point is they both may cause illnesses which both may be fatal. This was in response to you calling the possibility of anaemia a logical fallacy. I really don’t get what you’re trying to get at here? If you said something was natural and it was actually natural then that would mean one thing and one thing only, that whatever the thing in question is natural is literally natural. How was that something I done? Where in any of my comments did I say everything that’s natural automatically means good and everything that’s unnatural automatically means bad.

  21. If goyslop means grass fed beef with higher levels of vitamin A and beta-carotene, which gives Irish beef a rich burgundy colour that has a higher ratio of omega 3 fatty acids and CLAs which have been linked by a growing number of scientific studies to health benefits in humans, such as lowering cholesterol and reducing cancer risk then yes I will deeply enjoy my “processed goyslop”. Also, just to add, nothing about this confrontation stressed me out I gain immense enjoyment from watching your vegans pathetic arguments and it’s extremely ironic of you to diss a plant when you’re a literal vegan🤣

  22. Had covid twice, unvaccinated and smoked like a steam train throughout the whole thing and had 0 symptoms whatsoever minus some minor muscle pain, everyone’s different but my advise would be you’re fine to smoke but we at reddit aren’t doctors so depending on your symptoms each answer you’ll get will be different

  23. What would give you the impression I’m not calm rn?🤣 you posted a pic of weed, being weighed on a scales on the oz setting in the dark captioned with a title with absolutely 0 context. Posts like this are for

  24. Calm down mate think you need a j

  25. Have you nothing better to do than complain about 2 young lads vaping at the back of the bus. I’d be more pissed off sitting next to a moany hole like you than I would them

  26. Personally don’t find call centre jobs all that bad at all, have worked in a couple around the city and they’ve definitely been the handiest of jobs I’ve worked in, as long as you’ve a thick skin you’d be laughing with how handy the work is

  27. This is clearly just a star, zoom in on any star and this is exactly what you will see

  28. If you zoom up on almost any star this is exactly what you see, nearly all of them have that sort of reddish green glow

  29. For me MDMA is best high, you can some a lil weed on the comedown of mdma and that makes me very high, its not that soft feeling like on peak, but you feel just in the moment.

  30. 2cb is not a mix of mdma + lsd, for me 2cb just feels like a less intense, shorter acting lsd trip

  31. I’m a 5’9 male that weighs 68kg and I wear a medium, I recommend you get a small, I know you said over sized but medium would be ridiculously large on you

  32. I find a good 75% of “stardawg” to be exactly like this, overly sticky to the point where you’d grind up a whole gram and be lucky to get a j in return. Can’t bait a good ol’ fashioned haze

  33. Have you never ordered anything online from a different country? These features are available to us for a reason, you seem more pissed off about “helping the local economy” than the dealers do themselves, do you really think that’s why they sell weed? Clown.

  34. My "dealers" are friends and yes they are decent ethical people trying to aid local economy as well as push for law change.

  35. Think you missed the point. As I said before plenty of my friends are dealers too and none of them are too bothered that I order online instead of buying off them because they have an understanding that weed prices here are ridiculous compared to the UK. What are you going to try say next that weed prices are the same here as the UK? You realise if weed becomes legal and businesses can sell it then your dealers will be out of business?

  36. Do you do nothing all day except comment on old posts talking absolute shite? Weird nonce

  37. No shit??? Not only are you a nonce you seem to be quite the intellect aswell /s

  38. Burger King shits on McDonald’s tbh. Worst decision ever made to get rid of it

  39. Look I’m not a scientist and I know this is a long shot, but did u ever consider it to be fireworks 😒

  40. As I’ve said many times before link me a video of a firework behaving like this and I’ll straight up delete the video rn

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