How can I help it. I don't have immediate access to a vet. When I found her, she was nearly dead and couldn't move her head or even stand. Now after cleaning her up and feeding her whatever she could eat, she's able to make small movements. She seems paralyzed. Is there anything I can do to help ?

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  1. Her dating resume needs help…like scrub all the articles from the internet and maybe she will land Mr. Perfect.

  2. While it’s true they are/always were, a total failure, anyone who is just now speaking out against them is just scrambling to be relevant. If he’s a drug safety expert was he sounding the alarm two years ago?

  3. Catching up with my back catalogue of movies and TV series pre-2020… check.

  4. If they get diarrhea from the cows milk (most cats will) the dehydration can kill them in days or even a few hours.

  5. We took care of some independent kittens left by their mom and we fed them half and half until they outgrew it…

  6. More like “suddenly fire” him…i would not be surprised if he signed confidentiality docs where he is not suppose to be disclosing confidential / trade secret info…NDA with a hefty financial penalty

  7. Babylon Bee is satire which somehow turns into realty…so I’m not going to be surprised if this satirical article comes true…we live in weird times.

  8. Say it ain’t so…what a bunch of heathens…praise be the holy jab 👏

  9. Unjabed, we’re fired from jobs, prevented from being part of society, scrubbed from social media, threatened to being put in camps and threats of forced jabbing….wonder why more people didn’t speak up ….hmm have no Earthly idea why they weren’t shouting from the rooftops with giant megaphones…🤔

  10. It's an antiviral, how is it possibly being used off label lmao

  11. How many people died because they were not given access to ivermectin as a possible treatment?

  12. Why? What news is coming to make her resign? Wonder who is taking over in her place?

  13. As the saying goes, “the rats are living the sinking ship”.

  14. If they included the faces, the statue would not look questionable from certain angles…

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