1. How do you get the stalks to bend so flat I've watched your videos it seems easy but when I go to do it I'm always breaking stuff. Also I didn't pay enough attention obviously because I didn't top the ends except for one plant. But whatever as long as get an even canopy. it's more experience I'll nail it next time

  2. Keep up the good work brother, you’re gonna have a nice even canopy there.

  3. I love your channel. Could you have an episode where you make simple f1 crosses? I'd love to see some seed making from you. Just a thought

  4. Thanks man, mucho appreciated. It’s funny you say that, this year’s crop is from some pollen I chucked for the first time. I’m gonna talk about it in some upcoming content.

  5. Do you have to water once they're established?

  6. I was thinking about covering the soil in my raised beds with straw, but I see you’re not covering directly under the plants, is it better to leave soil uncovered directly beneath the plant?

  7. I don’t know if it’s better or not tbh. I’ll topdress a number of times over the season so I’ll leave it open. Interesting question though, I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt to cover it. That’s one of the interesting parts about growing ganja, so many ways to do it.

  8. First time grow the seedling I have is maybe half the size of yours, maybe even smaller.

  9. Put ‘em in a real Sunny spot, check this out if ya get a chance before you do though…ODG’s 2023 Outdoor Ganja Grow…How to Introduce your Indoor Cannabis Plants to the Great Outdoors

  10. Looking good! Do you even have to water with them so close to the water like that?

  11. Thanks, looking forward to this season. They still get the water pounded to them.

  12. Had a cottage in coboconk growing up. Is the Buck and Up still there? I know the Pattie House is 😂

  13. Buck and Up is still there, there’s a Cannabis store beside it now. There’s also one across from the Pattie House. Coby has got that covered lol

  14. Damn, impressive training & clever support. Is that made from hula hoops?

  15. It is, you might find this interesting…ODG’s 2023 OGG LST How to Low Stress Train Outdoor Cannabis Plants…Two Ways at the Love Shack

  16. Is that a 1970? Love the metallic brown, not an easy color to get right but that one is spot on. Looks great!

  17. I love my Raw bamboo rolling mats, they can knock out any size from pinner to backwood and does a great job with cones as well.

  18. Thanks for the honour of reppin’ the GrowBuddy crew, right on. Sending positive vibes to all the outdoor growers out there.

  19. Right on brother, appreciate that. I like makin’ em cuz you guys like watchin’ em.

  20. Lots of sun and lots of water. Here’s something a little more in-depth. Scroll through if you get a chance, lots of content…Old Dog Grows Outdoor Grow Series Compilation…2020, 2021, 2022 “Growing Trees at the Love Shack” Old School, Binge Worthy and Easy to Digest

  21. I've watched you YouTube videos. Love your stuff. 👍👍👍

  22. Here’s more than 3/4 of a pound off a single auto in a 2x2…ODG’s Autoflower Cooler Jug DWC in a 2x2…Final Yield! Big Girl gets Weighed at the Love Shack

  23. Beautiful. Is that airpot buried? How does that work?

  24. Thanks, it’s half buried with no bottom. I’m using the nubs and screws as LST points. I just dropped a vid on it if ya feel like checking it out.

  25. It is, I mulched around the girls. I talk about it in the latest ODG’s 2023 Outdoor Ganja Grow video

  26. You might find this helpful…Old Dog Grows...old school Beginner’s Guide to Starting Strong Seedlings for Outdoor Cannabis Grows

  27. Just think of the now open space in the center of the plant you could have had filled with energy producing leaves. Really all I am pointing out. Effort versus reward is what I am always trying to maximize. Great luck to ya

  28. Thanks brother, I document most of my grows on Pirateboarder Life. Check ‘em out if ya get a chance, there really is “more than one way to skin a cat”.

  29. No gonna lie, this is silly. Why do this. You are under the great halide in the sky. You know you can just prune the plant with the same results. This technique is used indoors fit reasons due to limited light. You don't Have that outside. Do you. I just see so many people spending time on things that don't matter. You could have literally just bent the plant over and staked it. Absolutely the EXACT same affect and likely healthier as you have very little need to defoliate. All those leaves are the power source for growth. Wait until its mid flower if needed. Either way. Plant looks healthy and wish you the best of luck and giant yields

  30. That’s what I love about this plant, there’s so many ways to grow it. Positive vibes headed your way 👊

  31. How the actual quack u grow these bushes? Is it like mix of more seeds or just plenty of topping? Like I’ve tried to find tutorials on these type of grows and haven’t been lucky🙁

  32. You might find this interesting. Simple and easy to digest content on Pirateboarder Life. Lots of old school tips, step by step guides and some other stuff you might find helpful and interesting. Have a look through and please tell me what you think. If you’ve been looking, I think you just found it, right on…

  33. I remember when it became legal here and they wanted to implement height restrictions on it. Your plant on the right reminded me of that,looks nice

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