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  1. I tried this for a while, but struggled to come up with anything beyond the basic "we're all healthy" and "got a Joghurt in the fridge that I'm looking forward to".

  2. Using a sling ring requires a decent idea of where you are and where you’re going. The spaceship was in motion, likely multiple times faster than light or moving through some kind of subspace in order to reach Titan within a human lifetime. Without a stable location, Strange wouldn’t have been able to “aim” properly.

  3. Also, the spaceship had a magician, so that type of spaceship could also reasonably have magic-repelling shields built in.

  4. The diagonal from bottom right to top left will most likely cause issues. They overlap, but share different directions in chain signals, so it'll get confused which way it can go.

  5. That people only use 10 percent of your brain. That is only true for politicians

  6. We only use 33% of traffic lights! If we used 100%, traffic would reach a higher level of existence!

  7. The entire "alpha" thing. No, it doesn't work that way in wolves, it doesn't work that way in dogs, and it certainly doesn't work that way in humans. It's just an excuse to be an asshole.

  8. Magnificus was easily the worst, though. If his students are any indication, I'm glad he didn't get his time in the limelight.

  9. Right so setting parameters and conditions, that makes sense. I might try and see if it helps, can't hurt really. Or otherwise I'll come back to it after my aeronautical engineering degree

  10. You can try something easy, like for example an alarm that sounds every time your train leaves, or a lamp that shows when your oil is empty. Not really that useful, but it can be fun to figure out. It's important to have a goal with circuits, but anything goes really.

  11. Yeah, those will be the easiest scenes to translate to a realistic art style. but how on earth are they planning on doing toothless's human based facial expressions on a realistic reptile?

  12. It will still manage to look worse than the original.

  13. In Receiver 2, there are tapes that will do this. The game is based around accurate handling of pistols, so when you activate one of these "threat" tapes, you'll have to unload and secure the gun before your right hand completes the "motion".

  14. It’s the same problem I have with the “ultra hand.” It just doesn’t sound like anything crazy it sounds like they asked a kid to name the hand lol.

  15. https://youtu.be/qhTL3sOINKY

  16. Mama will join in too if you are transporting her.

  17. I'm just glad that Sam didn't tell him you can't shock a flatline heart back to beating. The denial of his family's death produces enough copium to bend medicine.

  18. Isn’t there something with a uniqueness to his heart that makes it possible

  19. Maybe it's a Chiralium-powered AED that can do it.

  20. Und immernoch schön hinten rum die Betonung auf Schweinefleisch als Indikator für "echte" Deutsche. Mal will ja nicht versehentlich die Moslems als Deutsche zählen.

  21. If you know what you're doing, you don't need to ask.

  22. I can't wait to see some actors sit on a Greenscreen for 2h, while the entire action happens in fully animated 3DCG somewhere else, purely mimicking surface level imagery instead of tone or meaning, and somehow manages to look worse than a decades old animated movie.

  23. Yellow pill, hear me out.

  24. "Make a 10" means take from one value and add to the other to make it a

  25. Nice thought, but that takes more calculations than the actual result.

  26. the real ntr is the fact sidon was taken from me

  27. Link, will you continue the zora royal bloodline for me?

  28. Had a very good time with this game. It's NPC depth kinda reminded me of New Vegas. They were interesting characters and the surprises as I progressed through the game were a lot of fun.

  29. Funny you mention new Vegas, because iirc that project started as a Skyrim mod.

  30. Deep Rock Galactic is my recent obsession. Mission-based expeditions into alien caves full of alien spider Things. Up to 4 dwarves with several levels of warcrime weaponry, and an insatiable lust for gold and beer.

  31. Everybody loves large chests, my beloved!

  32. This guy is afraid to catch the gays.

  33. You're not expected to deliver a performance, so there's no reason to fret over a "substitute". Sex is an activity between two consenting adults, not a toll that must be paid regularly.

  34. I started my first game with biters after roughly 250h of peaceful vanilla. No shame in disabling them or putting them on passive.

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