1. It would be an endless pursuit. They bust occasionally but until it moves elsewhere, they’ll never be fully expunged.

  2. I’ve lived in Texas my whole life and we are used to waves of other state people coming in but they usually acclimate and other than accents you can’t tell who’s not from here.

  3. No. My neighbors are perm residents but they plan to eventually return to Brazil. They don’t plan to become citizens. I’m sure there are a lot of ppl the same. I don’t dislike them for it, every one has their own preference.

  4. Either they have the money to pay or someone is paying - I say go for it. I don’t think id like if I’d they were taking grants and scholarships away from Americans though.

  5. You forgot eating cats, dogs, guinea pigs but yes. Also animal sacrifice is not widely accepted or approved of.

  6. My neighbors are from Brazil and they claim Guinea pig is delicious. It makes me feel weird, but hypocritical bc I eat chickens.

  7. From Brazil here but never heard of Guinea Pig eating. Maybe they’re from a very weird area down here.

  8. The wife is a chemical engineer and they’ve lived all over N and S America. It came up bc my grandson had a weekend where he had to bring home the class gp to care for the weekend.

  9. I live next door to a Catholic Church/community so I stay in on Tuesday and get up and leave early for work on Wed. That place will be packed tomorrow and it’s made me late for work a few years. Now I know better.

  10. I live in Texas and in some days I hear more Spanish than English. There is no official language here.

  11. NTA but make sure y’all talk to an attorney before doing anything involving your sister. Putting anything financial in her name could effect benefits she receives.

  12. Apparently sitting at work. I’m not talking an office job, I mean like cashiers and manufacturing jobs. They’d rather I stand there for 20 minutes doing nothing than sit there for 20 minutes doing nothing. Customers will complain about me doing nothing no matter what, even if I’m actually doing something.

  13. I don’t get the standing. Why can’t cashiers sit? It’s a bullshit rule.

  14. NTA but teenage girls are fickle. Don’t shut him down 100% bc if she gets back with him, he couldn’t try to turn her on you.

  15. You’re right by hooks. Maybe a student getting some hours in.

  16. Wanna know how old I am? My first real concert was the shout at the devil tour with ratt opening up.

  17. My first was MC Shout opening for Ozzy Bark at the Moon. I had never heard of them before then.

  18. His fans and their praising of his 3-5 hour concerts. I couldn’t even imagine such hell.

  19. Brad Maule works at my daughters alma mater. My daughter acts as a mentor for people graduating so she usually attends the commencement ceremonies. When she is able, she sends me a snap of him. He seems to be doing well.

  20. My GAWD, Jon Lindstrom can chew the scenery with the best of them! He's killing it with Ryan's rage!

  21. I love Ryan because he’s so fun. Edited to say I love to watch him, not that I love a serial murderer.

  22. Who was the cop (detective?) that notified Jordan and Laura that the correctional guard was dead? Can we get more of him please!

  23. I’m sorry - but Trina confronting Portia was campy to me. It was a big scene for a young actress and IMO she didn’t pull it off. I get she may not be able to produce actual tears, but the ‘reality show’ version of crying - squinching your face and frying your voice - just doesn’t work.

  24. She’s the new Sasha. You think she’s down now? Let’s kick her a few more times. Then a few more times

  25. YTA. You knew the situation when you got pregnant. How did you think it would work?

  26. NTA but even if the friends are calculating it doesn’t mean anything is going to happen.

  27. Mark Levin spent too much time talking about this on his radio show yesterday. But he doesn’t have a problem calling people names that he doesn’t like.

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