1. They’ll appeal this, right? All the way up to Thomas’ court?

  2. Might be worth a read of what is allowed to be posted as a bug report on here.

  3. This is Reddit, not a briefing for the Pentagon.

  4. Welcome to NYC! I hope you have been enjoying your experience here so far. While I can't give you a whole lot of tips for what to do in Manhattan other than some of the relatively obvious stuff, I can give you some places that I think you will enjoy here in Brooklyn.

  5. Assuming you are referring to the 2022 North Atlantic Hurricane Season, it's actually only slightly below 'normal' activity in terms of total ACE (accumulated cyclone energy).

  6. Have there been any more updates on Motte? Would love to keep him, if possible.

  7. As of typing, there aren't really any updates on Motte. It was reported that the Rangers are trying to re-sign him, but there is a very slim chance of that + Kakko re-signing under the current cap space they have. It's nearly certain the Rangers are prioritizing re-signing Kakko over Motte, so unless Motte takes a discount to stay or the Rangers make a cap dump move (maybe with someone like Reaves), it's unlikely that Motte re-signs.

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