Honestly, what is this atrocity?

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The process of taking a painful L

  1. It looks like you need to be a millionaire to buy a Steamdeck in Korea. How much does a nice house cost in a small city? Let's say 50 000 people.

  2. if Gantz wasn’t such a horny anime/manga more people would be interested and that would make more people want to make merch of the cool stuff

  3. Nope, you got it wrong. If it wasn't horny it would sell even less. Look at Vinland Saga and Berserk. There were few films made and one season for each show. After that both were dumped because nobody is buying them. On the other hand you have Fairy Tail which is absolute shit but since every girl looks like a sex doll it was selling well enough that the studio animated the entire manga. And they are planning on making more.

  4. It was dumped to a different studio that is not as skilled as Wit Studio. So they clearly don't see the financial potential in that show.

  5. I started in Boston. Entry Level IT Engineer $65K for 2ish years. Next job was IT Engineer II for 95K (currently 3 months in). Aiming for a systems role or Level III role to put me over six figures.

  6. What kind of tasks were you dealing with as Entry level IT guy? Because getting 65K in UK as entry level technician is a pipe dream. To get that amount of money in here you would need to be senior full-stack developer, or Level 3 Engineer, or Database Architect.

  7. I find that building set with overpowered crystal beam is the easiest way to win. The other builds are more tricky to make.

  8. Women do love attention and praise more than anything, don't they?

  9. Do you know if you have PulseAudio or Pipewire running? Something like pavucontrol (for GUI) will tell you if you have an audio server running (assuming you are running pulseaudio or pipewire-pulse)

  10. I don't know whether I have PulseAudio or Pipewire but what I do know is that my speakers are kaput.

  11. Well, at this point I'm kind of out of ideas as far as fixing PulseAudio goes. I could teach you how to switch to PipeWire for audio, but that may impact other, non-forseeable things and isn't guaranteed to fix your problem.

  12. I found out what the problem was. Have a wild guess what it was.

  13. Hmm, that's a tough one.... Maybe something related to the desktop environment?

  14. The built-in speakers inside my monitor have died. They don't work in Windows either.

  15. Won't flatpak version of Steam just cause more problems since it sits inside of a container and cannot talk to anything outside of the container.

  16. Which one do you have? I haven't thought about linux compatability I just assumed it would work with steam's controller manager.

  17. It is just called Arcade Stick Venom. It was mostly made for Playstation. It works fine under Windows but with linux 3 buttons have no response at all.

  18. ARM software under linux is non-existent. So there won't be anybody switching.

  19. Sorry man could you give me a new links to the packman and dvd repos? Those two don't work anymore. I'm on Leap 15.4 now.

  20. I feel exactly the same way. I even bought the Blu-ray disk with OVA. The insult to injury is that people throw money at some bullshit shounen stuff like My Hero Academa and it gets 5 seasons while excellent show like HOTD gets forgotten after 1 season. Life is not treating me well.

  21. Bruh I like HOTD but u can't compare it to MHA xD

  22. How it is so powerful when you don't even have increased level on your main attack?

  23. I am using tidal rush with the slam damage +%250 boon and +3 dash

  24. At the beginning it almost looks like you are holding a sword and spin like a murderous bayblade that splashes water everywhere.

  25. Why is it 15.4 and not 16.0 ? Opensuse never had a 4th iteration of service pack before.

  26. Edit: added TL;DR at the bottom

  27. Gsuite and Outlook have the worst interface of all email providers I have used. I think Yahoo is the only one that is worse. The previous design was completely fine. There was no reason to redo it. Wasn't v4 released only few months ago anyway. Do they plan on redesigning the site every 6 months?

  28. Not sure what you're on about, I welcome this change from Proton by unifying it's branding into a more cohesive appearance. It may not be to everyone's liking but if Proton's aim is to become a competitor and appeal to a larger audience, one thing they definitely needed is to be able to be distinguishable.

  29. This new design makes them less distinguishable. It looks like some advert for ticktok apps.

  30. Hi! Thank you for your feedback. We are trying to prevent our subreddit from getting cluttered with threads pertaining to the the new design, so please join the discussion in these two threads:

  31. Those links don't work. They just show me a message saying "Something went wrong. Go home.

  32. New website, logo, webmail interface is super ugly. Please change it back.

  33. Their website looked best during 2015 to 2017. After that it became more and more plain and boring.

  34. It is very bad. Version 2, 3 and 4 were fine. This is just ugly.

  35. Not just the logos. It's almost impossible to tell which emails are read and unread due to lack of contrast in the colours. The only theme where you can tell the difference easily is in Legacy theme. But that one has washed out colours. It's pretty shit to be honest.

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