1. I think it may be a fake in the thrown room to keep Racule in power saying something along the line that it makes him a true blood heir to the empires but we’ll later see a gold king ohger with the real gold calibur take their rightful place as a king ohger without having a kingdom due to having a life of the people rather than life of royalty nor the want of power of royalty

  2. Have a unique wonder ride book for it which gives you the Xcross saber and still allows you to use the original sword you have physically

  3. Looks like he’s using a different vistamp, so possibly having his own original rider form

  4. I really don’t I work in media so I’m often faced with questions like that

  5. With having an aunt who is a farm aid, I’ve been to many farms and see animals escape in impossible ways but one thing always stays the same, they always run to the road and cross it

  6. Billy Bateson child with powers of gods when ever he likes, Ben Tennyson can be a god at any point he chooses but thinks “rather not, thanks”

  7. Torchwood London devision must have had its self defence beacon activated

  8. I see the live action movies being a sort of elseworlds story similar to the Gwen 10 episode back in the OG series

  9. We don’t have enough time to discuss this cause there a long list for many reasons

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