1. I did the same quote for one of my villagers 😂 that and BITCONNECT!! Next maybe coconuts in Barbados

  2. Yup Kyle has ALWAYS been the sniper from the side. She’s always there to help get others riled up and she loves to joke around but funnily enough she always offended with any jokes that LVP tells. She always wants everyone to be open and honest but doesn’t demand the same thing from herself, Erika, Teddi, or any other Fox force five woman. Shes always got her little minions that are more than happy to do her dirty work. She’s always there to stir up the drama just a little bit extra which is fine, it’s a reality show and we need drama but she would always try to call out LVP without proof of anything but even if Kyle had proof, they all try to stir up drama. It’s ridiculous that Kyle always tries to play innocent. On the surface she seems like a fun friend but go any deeper than surface level and she’s a backstabbing, conniving bitch.

  3. Now that LVP left Kyle can’t blame her actions all on her lol. I think majority of the time Kyle projected so much onto LVP. Funny her friend is a “accountability coach” and still can’t learn how to be held accountable.

  4. Everyone is hating on Rinna when Kyle is actually waaaay worse, but just in a very lowkey way. Atleast Lisa admits to her bad behaviour.

  5. C’mon, we’re better than this and this is really cruel, I mean Rasputin had his flaws but he doesn’t deserve the comparison. Have some compassion for the mad monk.

  6. Your absolutely right Rasputin didn’t deserve to be dragged like this 😔🤚🏻

  7. What are couple spouses worth before the mighty Queen Donnarch and her button?

  8. Not Jason and David thinking voyerism is funny... check out my Reddit I posted cause I’ve been trying to spread the word out on this. It would be really helpful if not continue what your doing sis I’m here for it

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