1. It will cover a 3000 sqft home. Also position it so you get the best coverage of starlink wifi along with the tp links coverage. It's Poe so only need to feed it with lan cable and it's priced right so you don't break the bank

  2. I am In Canada and dish network needs to go away. Nothing I can do to help but if starlink loses US customers as a result. we are doomed in Canada as well.

  3. I got Starlink 1 year ago and my speeds were great. 150-200 mps. Now 50-80 during the day and 5-10 at night. I checked my debug data as you suggested and all my alerts are false

  4. I bet there are quite a few households running 2 or more 4k streams all night. Bigger and better tvs so they go crazy and suck the life out of the system.

  5. I had written words on this post but they didn't post that I can find. So I'll try again.

  6. Good for you , congrats. I really needed starlink. No cell no dsl and only xplornet sat aka wild blue in the US. It sucked ass. I am.one that needs starlink and not trying to dump some 2nd rate fiber, cable or 5g service. I really have 0g service

  7. When in the middle of butt foike nowhere a bit of speed throttle for starlink RV users won't be that bad. So they get throttled to 30to 50mbps with low latency. Beats having zip or paying for horrendous campground wifi.

  8. Try at different time of the day. Streaming madness starts at 7pm thru to 11pm . Speed drops considerably. Try your speeds before everyone in your cell wakes up. Say 5am and get a baseline.

  9. That sucks. I thought the same here. DSL forever 3 down and .5 up.

  10. Our dsl is .2kbps down. And .5kbps up and no cell. Starlink took us from the 1990s to the new millennium. It averages 100mbps to 200mbps down. Which is amazing. I would have been happy with 10mb up and down but all good now.

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