1. Compared to the US, so much vacation time, a better/more affordable healthcare system, & there's not the need to travel everywhere in a car.

  2. I had music on an iPod at my wedding. The wedding was, at my parents house, in the sunroom. My sister & I did the decorations from a party rental store & flowers from our local florist. A live musician wasn't in the budget, & that was ok. It was all lovely. Planning & having e wedding that one can afford can be beautiful, memorable, & there's no begging for free favors!

  3. I'd hang out with Obama, & run away from the one on the left.

  4. Is this part of a deal with TPTB and LW since they canned her boyfriend? I remember wondering why he was on for as long as he was

  5. I hope that they never bring him back. He may be "a classically trained actor", but he was horrible, cartoonish as a soap opera villain.

  6. He's a decent actor in other projects; I genuinely believe he just was not the right fit for Peter. Not outstanding or whatever but not as mustache twirling Disney villain.

  7. He reminded me of Nick Viall from The Bachelor, so I was predisposed to dislike him. He might be good in other roles, I've not seen him act in anything else. I just found him so bad as a soap opera villain, that I either ff through his scenes, or laughed at him.

  8. Weed, yes. Hard drugs, things that people cook up on their own, no, but not because the government can't tax it, these things have horrible health consequences.

  9. The concern should be that there's an employee eating from the trash because the employee cannot afford medication!!! Food should not go to waste, either. Pack it up, in a paper sack, if there's concern about customers seeing that. If I were a customer, I'd patronize that restaurant more, if I knew they were not wasting food.

  10. I love the snow! That house is an eyesore on the landscape.

  11. I get the rational for renaming bases and what not but I would love to see if they have any data on who actually knows that Sidney Lanier was a confederate poet and secondly who actually gives a shit. This is a giant waste of money imo

  12. I knew that he was a poet. I'm unaware of his poems, or what timeframe he was alive.

  13. North Carolina is pretty great. I've also lived in Illinois and Seattle, and I prefer NC to both.

  14. As a Georgian, North Carolina is my favorite southern state. I love the mountains, & nice beaches aren't far away.

  15. Yeah right now VR is pretty bad. I have a headset but I never use it because it’s just not immersive enough. The headset is too bulky, you have to put it on perfectly to see anything clearly and even then the graphics are Ps2 level

  16. There's an annoying, to me, commercial about wearing these googles, virtually attending, & putting yourself into a Justin Bieber concert. It seems like watching a concert on TV, maybe, you're a hologram. It seems like a lot of work for not much fun for me.

  17. I feel bad for those in the prime of their youth who basically had 2 of what could’ve been their best years stolen from them…but for the rest of us we briefly had a break on the spinning hamster wheel that we will probably not get again.

  18. At 50, I loved lockdown. I work in a hospital, so my work was never locked down, & was absolutely horrible with the sickness, & deaths. I'd not ever want to go through that again. Quarantining & lock down on my days off was wonderful. I do feel for young people that missed important years.

  19. I believe that I've seen a handful of ghosts, so yes, I think they're real.

  20. Not for me. If you wish to be single, then, be single. Not a judgement on others, it's not for me.

  21. Notification is notification. A text seems more appropriate than a call, to me. There's clear documentation.

  22. They look nice. I'd totally wear that dress in the middle, to church, or event where a dress is appropriate. However, I spend most of my time in joggers, a comfy shirt, & Crocs. Fashion changes. I'm glad that an emphasis is on comfort, now. I don't have any tattoos, too indecisive, but I don't dislike them, or find them off-putting. My husband has a lot of tattoos.

  23. She looks ridiculous. Mostly for a bikini photo in a Winter environment. That's the perfect place for a cute Winter outfit. She's got all Summer to make herself look weird in a bikini on a beach.

  24. It’s a pretty weird thing to do in the US as well. Particularly when it’s used by people from states that fought against the confederacy.

  25. I'm from Georgia. It used to be on our state flag. They're still seen around some places. My husband is from South Jersey. It was quite odd seeing them there.

  26. What a coward, loser. Yes, his snake has to eat, but feeding it a live companion animal is absurdly cruel. If he can do that to a helpless animal, he's not fit for civilized society.

  27. I'm sad that, once again, we've had not much Fall, 6 days of Winter, & the rest has been Spring/Summer. Fall & Winter are my favorite seasons, & they just don't happen anymore.

  28. I'd have thought it was in Atlanta. The house is nice; however, I absolutely hate that they tear down a home to plop these things down on the property. We have very few historical/old structures down here that are left intact. We do/did have some beautiful, established neighborhoods with homes dating back to the 1920s, & many neighborhoods of nice mid-century homes that are razed for these things.

  29. I think that he's a demon as well as a false prophet.

  30. People saying Italian probably never left the US

  31. American Italian is very different from Italy Italian. I like American Italian, but Italy Italian is unbelievably delicious & rarely found in America. Two different cuisines, to me.

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