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  1. Charlemagne Palestine - Strumming Music

  2. Schizophrenics don't have multiple personalities.

  3. POV: Drinking water is your personality.

  4. Not everyone reacts the same. Would you get a psychological portrait of the the stranger before pranking them like this? With how people now are stressed, how anxiety disorder and depression are wide spread, it's easy to give someone a panic attack or cause paranoia. Not everyone is like you.

  5. Yeah I have a schizo-affective dissorder and something like this would most likely spark a psychosis. And there are more of us as one might think.

  6. I have anxiety and it something like that would trigger a panic attack and would make me paranoid for a long time. I was commenting based on how I, and many other people like me, would react. People tend to assume that everyone is neuronormative.

  7. Yeah that's true. I fully agree with you, I just wanted to give my own personal example, also to show that not everybody is neuronormative.

  8. If you're in the market for new music, you should check out Swans, they're a great Post-Rock outfit as well.

  9. I just get calmer and more relaxed and I laugh a lot.

  10. I need an album of the last minute or so of Crumbling Castle

  11. Was hoping she'd go through a weird phase.

  12. Not even AnythingForViews would do such a thing.

  13. This is more loud=funny. And I'm sorry, but I really don't think that he's funny.

  14. Here is the obligatory "get a better record player". Still, enjoy!

  15. I think it's weird to call Nabokov a Russian writer, since most of his works are written in English.

  16. Same, I was a big fan of My Woman, not so much of All Mirrors, but this album feels like back to her folk roots. Great record!

  17. Just got the Dead record today myself!

  18. This might sound dark, but you'll eventually get used to it. Humans are great in it. And remember, the first days are the hardest.

  19. That’s true but I’ve felt this way for the past 8 months and just doesn’t seem to be getting any better

  20. It helps me when I find small things I like, which are in my realm of possibilities. I collect records and listen to a lot of music. As long as I have my music, everthing is fine. Maybe it would help you to find such a static thing in your life.

  21. Good on you! Motivates me to get up and do something.

  22. You should then. Even strictly by scientific standards, your face is very symmetrical. The dimples are a nice addition and the smile sets it all off. I hope you start to remember those nice things about yourself when you see your own face.

  23. Thank you so much, I will try to remember this. This actually helps me alot because my selfworth was declining ever since I gained a lot of weight because of my meds, but now I'll remember your words!

  24. I speak for a lot of people when I say: weight doesn't matter to me when it comes to looks. I'm married myself, but I know how damaging we can all be to our own self worth, so I always take the opportunity to compliment someone. You being handsome is what immediately popped out to me in this picture (after the happiness), so I'm very glad I took a moment to say what I was thinking. You deserve it!

  25. I'm glad you said it too! Compliments go a long way with me.

  26. "It kind of looks like a turd" - Takes a bite

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