1. Maybe he's very smart and managed to figure out how to beat everyone. All the Undeads seems to just be a wild beast and only get intelligence after imitating humans after all.

  2. Thank you. I can't remember their name very well due to the fact that I have dementia(a subtle reference to how Tsukasa Kadoya can't remember his past).

  3. Hey, Vince Gilligan... You got chloroformed to approve this mediocrity?

  4. It would be confusing to younger audiences if different characters were using the same suit a lot. Imagine if all the sponsors used the same Glare suit as well, and then they fought at the same time...

  5. Glare is only reserved for the Game master so having the supporters use it would make no sense anyway. Also, the "it would be confusing for younger audiences" is bs. Just look at Delta, Ixa and most recently Calibur.

  6. They wouldn't design the show with 5 of the same exact suit is what I'm saying. It's just not good for the storytelling. That's why any riders with similar suits have visual differences like colours or just different helmets so viewers know who's who at a glance.

  7. Literally no one is asking for a show with 5 of the same exact suit. What are you even saying? The point here is that there are not enough differences between Glare and Glare2 to justify them being treated as a separate thing. We have different people being the same rider all the time as I mentioned earlier, and it's fine.

  8. If you see a good card but no one's talking about it, chances are it's not as good as you think.

  9. If they wanted to reference a Showa Rider, why not Super-1? This is pre-controversy, and Fourze and Super-1 are both space-themed Riders that have tons of friends.

  10. If one were to remove certain letters from Gentaro Kisaragi's name as written in English, and then rearrange them, it would say Trigger, which is a reference to Roy Rogers' horse. This alludes to the fact that everyone loves horses just as everyone becomes friends with Gentaro.

  11. Hold up. The character of Kengo Manaka(Ultraman Trigger) is said to be based on Gentaro. Holy shit it came full circle now...

  12. Why md limit Skill drain when it's the counter to Spright? And not many decks abuse Skill drain.

  13. This mf is constantly trying to push the idea that all Kaijin are just flesh-eating monsters who hunt down homeless and gay people on the street. Even though most Kaijin doesn't even know about Heaven and eating it was seen as a bad thing by the good guys and was only really used in desperate moments. Also, the government was the one who made it, not like the Kaijin go out of their way to hunt down humans themselves. Like seriously, I don't know if the op is just being stupid or what. The worst part is everyone in the comment just ate this shit up because they haven't watched the show themselves either and just wanna be angry at "le woke show"

  14. Imagine how miserable the world would have been if we just refused to interact with anyone with different opinions just because "it would get more eyeballs on this thing". People who would agree with him would agree regardless,so why should I care?

  15. Mei Sudo from Saber. She's just a normal girl who tried her damn best to help out the heroes.

  16. I really did enjoy it. It was very in your face but it was bold and I respected it. And all the discussion in these comments only give me more of an appreciation as I’m better able to understand the cultural context

  17. I think it's trying to say that real change can't happen without violent revolution. The child soldiers thing is still super fucking weird though.

  18. Probably because everything you've said is supposed to only be from the Japanese point of view. If you're comparing this to anything else, you're wrong, as it is not as easy of a blanket for all civil rights movements.

  19. This is a very interesting perspective, but I feel like the Ainu comparison just makes what happened in the show even more questionable.

  20. Hot take, I'm really getting sick of super form that give the user a side effect when or after using it only it to be cured with a brand new toy or a form. Ever since Build started this trend and the first one to did it well and the best, every other tried to copy it and It's getting boring now.

  21. Idk I think Saber does it pretty well with him basically making a sequel to give a happy ending to his berserker form

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