1. I mean if you're REALLY desperate to do a little trolling you could contact the original designer of that Tigerbelly taekwondo shirt and inform them of the design ripoff.

  2. No, it’s just annoying that this sub has devolved into nothing but “look I got banned!” Posts over and over all day. And you all act surprised as if you hadn’t seen the other 498 posts of other people also banned.

  3. This is posted like 5 times a day. How are you guys still surprised at this point?

  4. I want to make a joke so badly :9673:

  5. Day one of my journey started a couple days ago, I got sick and I’ve had intermittent fevers ever since. I feel like I’m dying.

  6. These posts are always hilarious. Good luck bud.

  7. Most women say they want a man that makes at least 6 figures otherwise they’re broke. Only 2% of men make 6 figures. Enjoy being alone! 🫵😀👌

  8. “Men have no market value” and that’s when the trolling became obvious. Later nerd.

  9. Hey Markov what do you think about serial killers? 🫵😀❓

  10. This guy knew what he liked and didn’t deviate.

  11. “She says she loves me a lot”. This sounds like the beginning of a story that ends in a murder conviction. Get ready for pure heartbreak baj PepeLaugh

  12. If you keep that mindset then you’ve already won.

  13. Just fuckin say it. I say it like 200 times a day during bouts of road rage.

  14. Why are the top comments on this post all paid troll advertisement accounts? It's like 20 comment deep circle jer.

  15. God forbid someone has an opinion that doesn't align with yours.

  16. This is what taco johns is for all day every day. After my last experience I'm never going back to Taco Bell fuck them.

  17. Rogan: The reality of your skill set, where you‘re at now, I don‘t see you beating the elite guys. I don‘t see you beating Louis CK. I don‘t see you beating George Carlton. I don‘t see you beating Amy Schumer. If you had a stand-up match with Louis CK, how well do you think you‘d do?

  18. Saying you don't think someone is better than Amy Schumer is essentially just saying "you're fucking literal garbage" straight to their face.

  19. His last „special“ got a 1.1/10 IMDB rating, worse than the first one (1.5/10). 212.000 dislikes on his Gringo Papi Spesshuul Youtube video. So you have no other choice than to call him fucking literal garbage.

  20. I know but you’d think he’d take a hint.

  21. It'll be just like the West Mesa Serial Killer. Someday they'll be excavating to start a new development out in the country side and they'll dig up her bones. I guess until then he just gets to walk free like nothing ever happened :(

  22. Markov is there something you aren’t telling us? Are you a juicer / criminal?

  23. is there is someone sucking on horse cock video and I therefore request a refill. Thank you sir may I have a seat over there 🪑 🐻

  24. Jesus Markov … wtf have they done to you? 😟

  25. That second one ... man oh man ...

  26. I think I paid around £90 for lifetime membership (so, maybe $80 at the time.. it was a week or two ago!). Maybe a slight exaggeration to say that it was equivalent to a couple of months of MFP premium, but I felt better about paying it to LoseIt than I would to MFP. I don't actually use any of the premium features of LoseIt yet (truth is, I don't even know what they are), but in my twisted mind, I somehow felt good about switching to LoseIt *and* paying for it ("That'll show MFP", I thought, although clearly, that makes no sense!).

  27. Was there a specific way you got to the lifetime offer (ie declining special offers and 50% discounts continually) because the only way I saw a lifetime offer was to search for it and then it shows $189.99 on their website.

  28. Markov have you ever sucked off a stranger in a bathroom stall?

  29. As if she were a ghost. So beautiful to see her slowly slipping into obscurity for everyone to see.

  30. It’s just sad at this point. What a sad existence. Seek mental help. Preferably in the Philippines.

  31. Honestly... I really hated this moment. Seemed like a shitty thing to do for two wealthy dudes to their friend who could very much use that money...

  32. You could say that about quite literally every single thing in life. Enjoy the show.

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