1. That person DEFINITELY let the intrusive thoughts win

  2. The best way to watch star wars is to skip phantom menace and attack of the clones.

  3. Too bad none of it's sequels lived up to the first.

  4. wow that's one of the most blatant almost-brands I've ever seen haha, nice!

  5. Hey, Nothing wrong with being a satanic cult member! - sincerely, a GHOST fan

  6. this is one of the reasons totk shrines are superior to botw shrines.

  7. "i don't have any evidence" just show her the movies

  8. Ai is usually shit but this is one of the worst ones I've ever seen. Girl don't even look like casca💀

  9. I don't know how to feel about this, while it's always funny to see anti woke people get dunked on I also despise these disney remakes..

  10. FUN FACT: if you slap photo finish on this bad boy the purple bits on the sides change colors

  11. wait how old is this video? I thought she was dead

  12. I think so, I remember seeing a post a while back saying her house was being sold off by some guy who sells houses of those who died.

  13. Definitely a one-off. everything past the first hour or so is SO BORING

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