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  1. I posted a picture the other day had every single one this way

  2. How does priming off the floor work?

  3. Craftsman workbench top. No misfires reported yet. With the 9mm that is, I had to increase the load almost a grain and a half above starting load to engage bolt catch on empty. I might dial it down a hair more but 22.5 gr of accurate Lt 32 with berry 115

  4. I wonder how many of Charlie’s followers are bots? A while back I read a study that said over a half of all internet traffic was.

  5. I think I’m going to sweep the shop floor and use it as fertilizer

  6. God help us. Pretty sure they just joked the shit out of this guy on majority report recently, it wasn’t hard to do.

  7. I could be wrong, but I think it could be fascist/ethno-nationalist messaging.

  8. I put art on a wall because I heard it was weird without it.

  9. This makes me want to check all my brass I’ve loaded.

  10. I appreciate the distinction given “on air”.

  11. I think it is cute when folks do this with their hands lol.

  12. lol I did it all the time in the military, especially when it was cold out. No hands in pockets, and you gotta put them somewhere...

  13. Oh I know, it makes sense. Still cute though.

  14. This is my favorite set up I’ve seen, great work with the storage space.

  15. My car was built in 1998. I still have to do this. I have a banging sound system, though.

  16. Manual windows are easier to fix when broken sometimes.

  17. Internet brain worms is putting it lightly

  18. I am honestly not sure you are even reading what I wrote. Is reading comprehension difficult for you? In the comment you just replied to, I said nothing about whether the company should exist or not.

  19. It started when you said “we shouldn’t jump all over people” for being major arms dealers and profiting off both sides of conflicts worldwide.

  20. So is it normal for you to respond to things 5+ comments after they are said? Why don’t you address the points in the comment you are replying to? What an unbelievably stupid way to have a conversation.

  21. Jesus Christ, give me strength to deal with this. For fucks sake, stop sucking off raytheon. It’s gross.

  22. This is the most attracted I’ve been to Ben sharpino

  23. I left a message with them the other day, I don’t even want to know anymore. I’m about to pass the 90 day mark for the efile.

  24. When Thomas sankara said some thing like “to see imperialism just look at your plate”, I didn’t envision this is what he meant. But it fits

  25. Professional paint job my guy. Great work.

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