1. You and me both. They absolutely killed it with legends this year.

  2. Love that for you. You deserve to pull him.

  3. Ya seems I’ve ran into a different bug. I can’t get out of the mine just can’t progress the quest.

  4. I have the same issue when I come to this wooden gate that should be open and trigger a cutscene, it's closed. Have you got the issue solved yet?

  5. Sadly not. I had to revert back to an older manual save and reset. It did work the 2nd time around.

  6. Definitely a fun rip. Decent chance to make your money back and more.

  7. I think if Kyle Trask can learn well from Tom Brady he might have a great future. That Sermon is awesome too!!

  8. Agreed! Holding on Trask. May sell trey sermon because shanahan clearly doesn’t like him.

  9. Khalil Herbert or devonte booker? Full point ppr

  10. Sutton or J crowder? Full point PPR. Missing C-Mac, Ridley and Julio. Down 40 after Thursday night.

  11. CEH and Calvin Ridley for Amari Cooper and joe Mixon - full point PPR

  12. Beckham or Sutton? Full point PPR.

  13. Started Mccaffrey so off to a slow start. Jonnu, Goedert or Evan Engram? I know Engram is Engram but he almost has more upside than the other two. Thoughts?

  14. Should I try to trade Thielen for DK? My other two receivers are Keenan Allen and Scary Terry.

  15. New to the game so honestly, exploring all the content, opening packs, and getting my bearings. I'm stoked! Not sure if I'll be good enough to enjoy DD yet lol. Seems intimidating.

  16. Exact opposite. I’ve only played for a year and it’s super user friendly. Ranked seasons will be hard initially but play conquest, showdown and some of the offline modes first and you’ll be fine.

  17. Im not sure...i have almost $200 in bing rewards. Maybe open100 packs...posibly 150

  18. This is all great advice. While buying packs isn’t a good choice from a value perspective it’s still fun as hell to rip a 50 packs in hopes of landing a high diamond. Do what’s most fun for you.

  19. yeah but I'm going to be a new player so I want to build a team that will help ease my learning curve. I could use all Reds players but if I'm getting murdered by the AI on beginner it really won't feel that fun lol

  20. This is the best advice - cards come and go fast in this game. Last year was my first year playing and my biggest regret is overthinking it and picking cards because of the $ value or position. Eventually you’ll have such a stacked team it really only matters who you want to play with.

  21. What is the best edition of the game for someone just getting started with DD? I’m not new to The Show, but haven’t gotten into DD before. Interested in it this year.

  22. Go with standard - it’s so easy to get packs/stubs it’s not worth paying extra for.

  23. My bad if I missed this but anyone know if there are twitch streams with drops before 21 is released?

  24. Tons of free resources. Save your money. Dm me anytime. I was new to DD this year.

  25. If you can swing it with your RB depth, yeah do it. Chubb will be a playoff beast

  26. I lost all my RBs to injury, so I'm trading away Robbie Anderson. Full PPR, I have my pick of Melvin Gordon, James Robinson, or Miles Sanders. Who should I choose?

  27. Weirdly Robinson is the best option now.

  28. Up 25 with Mahomes starting. Opponent had M sanders and Matt Ryan. Do I risk it and wait on mahomes or start Mullens up 25?

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