1. Hell yeah bro I’ve been here since the beginning of December.

  2. 648 Hamilton Ohio merry Christmas brothers and sisters!

  3. All the half time Debbie downer fans can kindly get fucked.

  4. Means the contractor is no longer working out for you, so you leave, sign the book, and get another job.

  5. My man’s kept a TD off Henry’s stats. Good enough for me!!! ⬆️

  6. Ted Karras being a bitch after the game. Bengals, your OLine is complete dogshit.

  7. Thanks for the quick response! That’s definitely it. Beautiful spider!

  8. I’m so sorry for your loss. Such a handsome guy. I’m sure he is thankful to you for a life of love ❤️

  9. I play for fun (avg. 15-20 minutes/day), I don't care about ranked. Whats your number of drivers/karts/gliders?

  10. 134/138/117 and been playing since day 1 with gp and have bought several packs. Your load out is impressive for f2p

  11. With black market products you really aren’t 100% sure what’s actually in it though. I think that’s what gives them a bad name. Majority of folks, such as myself equate research chemicals with uncertainty.

  12. Question what inspired you to create this brand new horror movie character

  13. Haha I can’t take credit, someone posted the code for this cutie when the Mii suits debuted. I’ve used it ever since lol

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