1. Need to get a garage certificate so a car dealership can change the name on the paperwork. Have been trying to contact my landlord for several days now and I have received zero response. Tried texting and calling and I just get nothing. I have contacted her on this exact same number before and received replies but this time, nothing. Just want to get my car man.

  2. Man I wish this was out when I was getting my license a couple of months ago! It looks great!

  3. The ghostbusters game from 2009. It was one of those random Christmas presents that you get from your parents and I absolutely loved it. Feel like it doesn’t get the appreciation it deserves

  4. Honestly man? I'd take it straight to a mechanic, get it put in the air and just have a quick look around underneath. I usually advise people to have a car go through a pre purchase inspection. Easiest way to know for sure of any issues hiding that you'll have to fix.

  5. Thanks man! Here in Japan it needs to pass a Shaken inspection to be road legal so if it doesn’t pass that then I’ll be getting my money back anyway

  6. Obscure one here: Since u been gone - A Day To Remember

  7. I recently opened a 7-eleven bank account with a debit card and that was really easy to get and they have (I think, I haven't needed to use it) good English support. Plus 7-eleven's are everywhere so their ATM's are very accessible!

  8. Oh my god the turn signal ineptitude here pisses me off so badly. There are so many times where I’m crossing a side street beside another more busy road and a car is coming and I wait a bit to see if they’re going to turn and they approach super close, but no turn signal so I start crossing since it seems safe and then suddenly when I’m halfway across the street THEN they turn on their turn signal and aggressively start turning and speeding up and coming within cm of me trying to hurry me along or acting pissed off that I crossed. As if I’m supposed to have mind reading ability to know they were going to turn when they didn’t turn their signal on.

  9. As someone learning to drive here in Japan, they teach you to use your indicator/turn signal at least 30m before you make your turn. Baffles me how some people get their license

  10. Games such as Skylanders and Disney Infinity. Crazy popular at one point then just seemed to fade into obscurity.

  11. Wish I could suggest somewhere. While being good friends with and Englishman that runs a bar in Yokohama even he is watching the game at home.

  12. Thank you for your reply! It’s tough finding people 😂

  13. It's at 4 in the morning, isn't it? More like a breakfast game.

  14. It is! But I’m gonna need to be drunk to watch this one 😂

  15. Also, if there is a way to chat in-game, I can't figure out what it is

  16. Could anyone with Scarlet set up a Union Group so I can evolve Finizen and do some paradox hunting?

  17. LF: Armarouge or Auspicious Armor

  18. I can trade Armarogueif you dont mind the level? Its 18 I think

  19. Sure! My Ceruledge is only level 14 lol. Code is 7822 5641

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