My coworker came to me with his suicidal ideations.

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  1. as a host who does takeout, genuinely i would never assume a tip would be more than like $20 at absolute most. if a server increased the amount without consent, at my work at least they would get severely punished (at no risk to customer). i can’t speak for every takeout place, but i absolutely understand your concern. again, as a takeout person i love tips, but also understand that all i’m really doing is bagging up the food and handing it out. that doesn’t “deserve” a tip (in my state where even tipped min wage is $15/hr). if you’re very concerned, i would call the restaurant and ask to speak to a manager because “my bank charge didn’t match the total + tip amount i left”—when i worked corporate, i made absolute sure the manager took that call. good luck op! you don’t seem like a rude customer, just someone who wants their money to go where they expect.

  2. my mom used to use a sling for my baby brother (he is 20 months as of now)! i can ask what brand she used if that would be useful to you? :0

  3. did you even watch the film??? absolutely a masterpiece in both cinematography and soundtrack 😤😤

  4. i do the same “deconstruction” thing whenever i’m eating something that i’m not sure of the total calorie count! like the stew my grandma made the other day haha, count the meat/potatoes/broth/etc separately to get the proper total 😄

  5. yeah!! normally ocean/water-themed horror doesn’t get me, but this was so well-written that i enjoyed every aspect of the story 😄😄 i love it when topics that don’t normally do anything for me end up surprising me in some way

  6. Metal heads are some of the nicest people I've ever met. I would 100% let a stranger hold my child at a metal show. There's not many places I've been where I would say that (more like 50/50 at any other time)

  7. want to second this! went to a children of bodom concert a couple years ago, legitimately the most respectful concert crowd i’ve ever been a part of. absolutely loved the vibe of the scariest people i’ve seen in my life also being the nicest LOL

  8. Memory unlocked: Japanese horror manga I read when I was 10yo.

  9. it wasn’t ibitsu was it? i think that manga (i also read it when i was ten haha) had a creepy garbage taking out scene

  10. as a very closeted lesbian with a religious mother, my biggest fear has always been my mom finding out i’m gay at my wedding when she sees my future wife (because there’s no way in hell i’m telling her face to face).

  11. There is no way to invite your mother to your wedding without revealing the identity of the person you're marrying. This post is likely a fabrication and was removed from aita as a suspected fake. I hope that if you were getting married your mother would at least be as invested in your life to ask to meet your fiancée, or for your fiancées name.

  12. honestly after reading the two responses to this comment as well as the rest of the comments on the post, definitely realizing how naive i was in hoping it would end even somewhat okay if i did that :(

  13. personally, i use whatever pronouns because i don’t really care how people refer to me. i am AFAB (“assigned female at birth”, so biologically i am female) so people more often than not refer to me with “she/her”, because i typically look and dress like a girl. that’s fine!

  14. I think OPs question is that “they” is a default for a group or individual with unknown gender. Everyone will be referred to as “they” if in a group or gender isn’t presumed.

  15. yes, it sounds like you got it! people who use “they/them” only want to be called with the singular “they”. no other gendered pronouns.

  16. i used to do this when i was in high school. didn’t work, like another commenter said all it did was instill the thought process of “it’s fine if i eat this because i’ll just hurt myself to balance it out”. the punishments never stopped the action, only justified it.

  17. hi! i’ve been a hostess for about a year, and here are some things that i find helpful:

  18. agreed! servers are much more likely to be friends with you and see you as part of the team when you pitch in. help run food, fill waters, etc, when you have time, they’ll have your back later. customers are assholes and there is nothing you can do about it, don’t take it too personally since many of these people just want someone to yell at and you’re the first face they see.

  19. i do that exact same thing with the booths! the other tables in our dining room almost never get sat at unless all the booths are taken. great minds think alike 😁

  20. i wasn’t expecting this to be genuinely useful. a horrific parallel parker thanks you!

  21. you don’t seem like a dick, just socially awkward…hate people who think they’re entitled to others’ time and conversation 🙄 lady sounds super annoying

  22. when i worked at jersey mikes, we had our tip jar stolen twice in the year i worked there (lost around $500 each time, since we pool once each week). we tied that thing down with chains and it STILL got stolen. like one of the comments said, i think the best way to prevent that would be taking the majority of tips and putting them in a safe or something. so shitty :/

  23. I don't want to be a downer but you should probably track your whipping cream.

  24. i second the light olive garden italian! it’s my all-time favorite dressing 😄

  25. mine (well, my roommate’s) is the cuddliest!! he started off being terrified of people, but we became fast friends and now whenever i’m home he won’t leave me alone: constantly head butting my hand, jumping on my bed and rolling over, he even starts purring before i start petting him bc he’s so happy haha. he still hides from strangers/loud noises, but generally he’s super sweet and affectionate.

  26. i had to change my phrasing to “you’re welcome to pick out any table set for [insert party size] and i’ll follow with some menus”. works much better, especially when i tell parties of two they can sit at a four top (when it’s slow)

  27. I don't like the tags :( I loved not knowing the difference, the tags take away from the stories.

  28. i agree, i can appreciate how they’re helpful for people but for me personally i love being tricked into thinking i’m on one subreddit until i get that “oh shit” realization haha

  29. there’s no way this is gonna be any better than taking surveys to win gift cards

  30. speaking as someone who struggled with severe depression for a good portion of their life: people like you are the reason some of us are alive, haha. instead of just offering supportive words, you went the extra mile and pointed him in the proper direction to seek the help he needs. so many people in this sub lead their lives in exemplary ways like this, and i feel inspired to be better every time :-)

  31. type of story where, even though i had an idea of the twist from the first sentence, i was still hooked due to the writing style. good job having dynamic dialogue and developed characters in such a short story! username definitely checks out :-)

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