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  1. Let the man play golf his back is already tired carrying England

  2. Idk man, that's oddly specific, why does it feel like foreshadowing 😭😭😭

  3. I feel like icc should announce a genral theme, atleast for the 23 cwc, it's wierd seeing a 90s style jersey and a watermelon style jersey face off....

  4. Imo it's gotta be SKY, insane strike rate with so much runs comming at 4 down.

  5. Everyone questioning kohli Rahul, but man rohit had a quick exit

  6. Would you call it “simping” when your dad gives your mom basic respect and treats her like an equal instead of her slaving away in the kitchen? 🙄

  7. Make fun of his performance how much ever you want, but brining in wife, daughter, life style is just completely irrelevant and shows how pathetic of a person you are if you genuinely think those are the reasons for his "downfall"

  8. How did Aaron finch jumped up 1 place? Pretty sure he was ranked 6th since an eternity

  9. Didn't he only play against afganistan Namibia and Scotland last year?

  10. I’m not downvoting you for the comment, I’m downvoting you for using so many emojis and making me cringe. Please go back to insta comments section

  11. The comment was ironic, the emojis were just plain cringe sir

  12. "I'm stronger, I'm faster, I'm better, I'm better!!!"

  13. Warnings aren't needed anymore, it's in the rules. Why don't batsmen give warning if bowler oversteps?

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