1. Well thank you Sir ! We love to hear your feedback !

  2. 2nd best use of this song, it's close, but nothing will beat this.

  3. I watched a fleet push the Transylvania to the SW corner of the map and out of danger with a BB while two DD’s covered with smoke and torps. I think it was ECFR. Bloody brilliant gents!

  4. That's how I won Nightmare Circle 2 was ramming Rasputin

  5. Plymouth has the best radar (and the other ships that have the exact same one). 9.9km reach, 40s duration. Better than the USN, and while shorter reaching, is double the duration of the Soviet radar at VII

  6. Yeah you can be a nightmare when popping radar in Plymouth . I hate being a DD in a game with Plymouth .

  7. Working as intended is a huge mistake Dodge the CV shells or get the hot cake

  8. Stay wide with DD's hit ships from broadside, so its harder for them to dodge. Let the battleships and cruisers hold down the middle and give you support when needed. Float back and forth in those areas I circled in the picture unloading torps all the time, dont shoot unless you have too. Also keeping distance above 4.8km from other ships. Pay attention though you may need to support middle too. Already at circle 3, atleast you know by that point people know what to do it seems.

  9. I think my fastest was 37 or 38 seconds into a match. Dev-struck Omaha lol

  10. First you troop it, then you boop it

  11. Main Battery Mod finally a -10% Main battery reload time with a -15% Main battery traverse speed will complete the set up to pump your DPM (damage per minute) among with some gain in traverse speed.

  12. Incredible write up. This should come in handy for all the people new to French ships trying to get Henri.

  13. Thank you thank you ! Welp , you know there are no bad ships around (most of) , just players that they don’t adapt to the style . Charlie is a very very capable ship , but it is glass cannon , if you adjust your game play you will not have problem ! ❤️

  14. Wow, time flies! I was once a moderator of this sub but then life got in the way and had to reduce my time on here and on the playstation! But i still pop by from time to time! Love this game and the sub!

  15. it's a safety net not to spam / jump around fleets and create a mini chaos ! Hope that WG will reduce or even reconsider this long time or implement a new mechanism.

  16. - Hello , can you hide the details in marble tiles so people can't read it ?

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