1. Thanks for the reply. Section 9.6 is talking about refunds to your bank account. Are they putting cash refunds for nerfed ships on the table?

  2. You know how complicated things get with each paragraph. So i really can't help you with that, since we can't dive deep in to WG policies and Marketing Departments. Only official WG CMs can help you with these and clarify their statements about those terms and Conditions.

  3. Can you get official statement from some of ours CM about this? It will very helpfull to known if we will really have right to request refund for "new" ships if they nerf it after couple of months after the release? I don't want to participate in WG cash-grab operation....

  4. *Every autumn, millions of blue ships migrate 3,000 miles from their breeding grounds in northeastern North America to spend the winter in the warm seas of southwestern Mexico. Each migration is by a new generation, so they cannot learn from others. Instead, they rely on their genes.*

  5. read that in David Attenboroughs voice XD

  6. https://www.reddit.com/r/WoWs_Legends/comments/ng0ljn/odin_vs_tirpitz/

  7. https://www.reddit.com/r/WoWs_Legends/comments/nk0u9h/atago_vs_suzuya/

  8. If DM was too good, I'm sure this monster will get the same treatment at some point.

  9. Myoko is a very good Firestarter but you are missing here something : The reload . You gonna struggle with Myoko cause the reload and the reposition that needs to avoid the incoming barrage , aka Kitting . Its not the best efficient way to build up those fires or the number you are seeking if you are not experienced in that type of ship or the style it needs to perform.

  10. What do you mean the reload is an issue? I've got it with a ~12 sec reload. Rate of fire isn't really a problem for me so far. I'm landing 40-50 shots a game so far but just not getting any fires. Unless I'm just really unlucky with my targets being built for fire resistance I should be setting more fires right?

  11. because you compare it to Atlanta. Either way you probably hitting saturated surfaces that can't be light up again. Choose your shells to land in non blacked (saturated) parts of the enemy ship. And be smart , let the enemy use the damage control to put the fire out and then light em up again. Its called perma-fire . that way you gonna chunk huge HP portions.

  12. Overall y’all have done a great job with the sub.

  13. Good point here . We already have a discord server for the Back To Podcasts , that most of the mods are there . We will try to enrich that experience with reddit

  14. Old port music was just fascinating ! Tracks like : The loadstar or the Peaceful Warrior will be printed for ever in my mind. Good old alpha test vibes also !

  15. Cross save aka cross platform progress is not allowed 🚫.

  16. Εάν πας ειδικές δυνάμεις, ναι, ακόμα το κάνουν.

  17. Εδώ μιλάς για καψώνια . Και μόνο που τα παιδιά δέχτηκαν αυτό χωρίς να διαμαρτυρηθούν στους ανώτερους τους δείχνει την τραγικότητα του φαντάρου που έχει εξουσία επειδή έτυχε να είναι παλιός.

  18. Η ιδιότητα του "παλιού" δεν έχει τελειώσει εδώ και χρόνια;

  19. σε μοναδες που βρίσκεις 3 σειρές μέσα , υπάρχει ακομη.

  20. Ok guys let’s see how we can help this guy gets his giants Goliaths back. We will FF this to the right persons . Thank you all for your comments supporting the player . Communities have to be united under all circumstances!

  21. Thanks PapaNik, This is what ultimately fixed my issue. Tried everything else. It did get better. Maybe happened 30 to 40 percent of the time instead of 90% but being a destroyer main it always happened in the knife fight. So i heeded your advice and wallah!!!! all fixed and having fun again. well as much as you can on blue team these days........................

  22. Welp really glad your issue was solved , even after those days !

  23. Wait a minute... CE stands for collectors edition? But isn't the only difference the camos? And people pay for it?!

  24. Thinking of getting it... pricey though. Ive just come over from Blitz version and yeah I'm sure the Wichita there has much faster reload.

  25. Welcome to legends then !! As for the ship , if you like the CA American cruisers it’s a must

  26. Care to say why ? or just random throwing toxic comments ?

  27. Guys calm down. These things happen sometimes, Legends has good servers and this kind of delay never happens.

  28. B versions and any different lettering versions (like FE) are totally different ships and has nothing to do with trolling.

  29. Will this be applicable to all items in store ? For example premium commanders as well ?

  30. (1) What’s his thoughts on being kicked out of the PC CC program for saying a bunch of racist shit?

  31. Being in back to port podcast doesn’t mean endorsement nor that the producer agrees with the saying of each host / guest . Tho the B2P podcast is responsible for the final product aka podcasts and how those are aligned with the rules and the principles that being set. If you are wondering about the rules and the guidelines of the podcast you can see them in the discord server because they are the same as being a member in b2P community.

  32. I heard from a friend who has experienced the PC version that the CS version of WoWs has stronger HE spammer cruisers and high cloaking destroyers, and that battleships are more fragile. What did you think about these?

  33. This is one part of the story . Where is the part that you did wrong according to WG ?

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