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  1. In this context an IR models the sound of a speaker cabinet. Different combinations of speaker sizes and combinations as well as things like microphone type and placement will give a very specific EQ curve, all an IR does is capture that specific curve and then you can run your guitar through it.

  2. I’m printing out this article and hanging it on my wall

  3. I’d say mid but there’s a range. Probably don’t want it for metal but it can get pretty hairy when you crank it.

  4. This is great in theory, but there's no enforcement. I regularly have drivers fly by me at 50-60km when I'm biking down Wellington where it is clearly signed 30km

  5. Its so true, and at least 3/4 of them are in huge trucks. I like driving through there periodically and even going 30-35 I often end up with a huge line of cars behind me.

  6. How do you like it so far? Anything you can tell us about it?

  7. What rental crisis? Tenants in MB got to benefit from no rent increases for 2 years. Meanwhile, landlords had to pay huge increases in all other expenses. Want rent to go down? Then utilities, property tax, maintenance, mortgage interest and income taxes need to decrease. You people need to realize that rental properties are a business. Landlords need to make a profit in order for it to make sense to be a landlord. Don't like it? Buy your own place. Otherwise, be happy a landlord is willing to let you live in the property that they own.

  8. I don't want to jinx it because its early but I may have finally conquered my summer allergies. After decades of suffering through variations of claratin/reactine/benadryl I got some flonase spray and its been like 10000% effective.

  9. Mods, would it be cool to post a pedal-related tattoo in here? I think y’all would like it.

  10. Is anybody actually buying the stuff from Instagram ads? Have noticed an increase in story ads, getting 2-3 in a row between stories when I used to just get one at a time

  11. My new favourite instagram ad genre is food startups that sell snacks you ate as a kid but with a ton of extra protein.

  12. Magic Spoon is the only one I can name at the moment which is sugary breakfast cereal style. I saw an ad this morning for what appeared to be protein pop tarts but I didn’t clock the company name.

  13. bought some from safeway on river last week but there were less than 10 cases left

  14. It’s actually really difficult for me to write a short sell on this pedal haha! I might just put a whole post about it on here so I can really go in at length on its pros and cons

  15. My counter hot take is that a modded Boss Metal Zone can cover the same ground as the HM2 while being a more versatile pedal overall.

  16. I like the KoT sound, but also the magic diode thing is BS and any decently built clone will sound 99% the same. If you want to wait 5+ years or spend $500 more to get that 1% then have at it.

  17. You can’t program your own patterns with the md200 slicer but that’s the only negative thing I can say about the unit. It’s a pretty great pedal overall in terms of breadth and quality of sounds, but if you’re after the fullest featured sliver effect you might want to go for the SL2.

  18. A Norwegian retailer seems to have let a little cat out of the bag.There's an input, output and DI out for all of them, plus a switch and mini control on the back that is individual per model.

  19. Damn a fender preamp with IR, reverb, and headphone capabilities for under two hundo has me INTERESTED. I was just talking about this yesterday in my NPD that I think something like that would do well.

  20. my latest obsession is chia puddings and if anyone has any good recipes plz send em my way

  21. Fellas, I just can’t get enough of browns, greens, and creams as of late. Be they in the tasteful shades of a mid-century train station restaurant, or the dusty hues oft associated with fungi. This color combination feels bonafide elegant, swaggy in the gardening chic way and updated takes on classic menswear way swimming around the zeitgeist right now. It’s bookish and sweet, and masculine all at once. Please send me all of your beef and broc fits I implore you. Somebody make an album. Something. I am starved

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