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  1. This brings Craig joy (seriously he's been a great personality here and really helping out with the kids)

  2. Sure, the HHoF is snubbing him mostly because he didn't attend his induction to the Greater Buffalo Sports HoF.

  3. Harrington is an idiot who definitely believes that even if the rest of the population isn't that stupid

  4. I'm always amazed that Housley never won the Norris here until I remember the other defensemen of his time. Still nice to know that Dahlin and Power could complete the chart for the Sabres

  5. Aren’t all spaces, shops, etc queer friendly in Buffalo?

  6. Not all are age appropriate for a teenager even if they are accepting spaces

  7. Strong start for Kuemper

  8. I've seen a lot of it this postseason from multiple teams: players stopping to put up an arm for a perceived missed offside; arguing with the ref instead of joining the back check, etc.

  9. Don't forget the Sabres and Senators game where 7 skaters were all shoving at the red line when the goal was scored

  10. My friends call me the president of the Mark Pysyk fan club. He's just a solid defenseman who is more reliable than you'd expect for a journeyman and flexible enough to play forward.

  11. A signed Mark Pysyk #3 away jersey

  12. One can only hope the Sabres don't follow their path, now that there is comraderie among the players. Here's looking at you, all you fans who think signing Patrick Kane would be a good idea.

  13. Signing Kane wouldn't be an issue. If we follow what Vegas did, signing Pietrangelo for so much it hurt their ability to sign their own players, then signing Kane is a problem. If he wants to come here cheap or short term it shouldn't have adverse effects on the team

  14. Last RJ home game boys. I'm not crying you're crying

  15. You can take the player out of buffalo but you can't take the buffalo out of the player

  16. Don't know what league you've been watching but our team knows better than to do this shit

  17. It's our third jersey next year! Also was the base for the reverse retro

  18. It feels like deja vu as a Sabres fan to watch Krueger lying to the press about Jack's health at the beginning of last season only for Vegas to do the exact same thing to Lehner now. Kruger spent months saying Jack was fine or minorly injured only for surgery to be the only option.

  19. That ice was hot ass all night. GGs devils Hischer looks incredible

  20. It's beyond funny seeing this 19-year-old kid tower over his teammates. This kid is gonna be something special.

  21. The only player taller was the first to join the celebration!

  22. This is normally the kind of thing that happens against the Sabres.

  23. Not true we've had some insanely flukey goals in our favor. Butt goal being just one example

  24. Samuelsson has taken a ton of painful blocked shots recently all the way back to RJ night

  25. Why did Eichel and Hall praise him? Because he let them do whatever they wanted?

  26. Eichel praised him because he didn't work them in practice. Granato skated them as soon as he took over to get their conditioning up

  27. Neat fact 27 is the only unassigned number from 20-29.

  28. We have a preview of our LD depth of Dahlin Power and Samuelsson for the next few games. They're all young and exciting to watch and fuck I can't wait to see them grow together

  29. There wasn’t even any evidence to suggest that’s what he wanted outside of “Sabres bad lololol” was there?

  30. It's the same as the "Buffalo is in danger of moving" comments. Basically unfounded hate

  31. Just left the game and a few thoughts on my mind.

  32. Samuelsson does use his physicality but only defensively. He's in a weird spot of having offensive potential but no idea when to use it. I've seen him drive the zone a few times but only when the winger is really out of position. He's hesitant to use his body offensively.

  33. As someone who doesn’t have ESPN+ or MSG, I was finally able to watch this game because it was on Hulu. I actually thought the crew did a great job. Lots of focus on our young team and Power joining soon.

  34. The play by play crew did a great job talking about the Sabres as an up and coming team for sure. Even with the weird height stat they focused on the kids the entire time

  35. No they should keep it, so Avs/Bourque don't win for cringiest retired number.

  36. You would still be behind Seattle retiring 32 don't worry

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