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  1. They've caused so much damage to my yard between the haphazard leaf "removal" (piling them behind the trash cans and ac unit) and pushing snow into my fences every winter. This is the first year without them and the first time in years my neighbor across from me doesn't have snow plowed into their driveway

  2. I need more Biron ice cream action!!!

  3. Poor kid had no idea what meme material his friends got

  4. I don't understand how Rasmussen got 2 games and this gets a fine. I feel like both should have been 1 game.

  5. From my understanding any time a match penalty is given out it reduces the length of a suspension. If someone was going to be suspended 2 games but got ejected for the original incident they'll get a 1 game suspension

  6. Despicable person or not you hate to see someone get cut badly. After reading Malarchuk's Player's Tribune article these cuts are even harder to watch.

  7. Maybe the only good thing he’s ever said

  8. That's not true! He's also told us the broadcast is ending

  9. As a Bruins fan, I usually listen to the opposing teams announcers if I can. Had to listen to Jack yesterday claim the Blues were diving then praise Krejci for "helping it along" to get a call not ten minutes later. That man has no self awareness. I am often jealous of the qulaity of the Red Wings and Blue Jackets broadcasters.

  10. It's especially noticeable going from a legendary broadcaster while watching a Sabres or Red Wings game to Edwards. It is almost like he's trying to see how homer he can be

  11. There was a play last year where he picked up the puck and started in on Hedman. As soon as you saw Hedman do the “oh fuck” and try to get on his horse, you knew it was over.

  12. This highlight on Rielly

  13. All things considered a pretty good performance without our best player on a back to back. Poor Owen Power is gunna need some rest.

  14. We look good without most of the starting defense. December could be a very fun month when everyone is back and comfortable

  15. Related note: the Golden Knights are back in Buffalo next Thursday for the first time since Eichel’s infamous postgame conference

  16. Lmao wtf was he supposed to say? "Oh yeah, well they're pretty butthurt so they're booing me".

  17. It's really easy for him to say something like "Although things didn't end great here for me those guys played a good game tonight. I hope the fans understand my decision in time" and not mean a word but kill the drama

  18. More like he missed his check as they went around him for a 2 on 1

  19. His countryman Rasmus Dahlin as we all expected

  20. I don't know about you but I expected Dahlin to be this good 2-3 years ago. I just didn't expect it to happen so fast

  21. as someone who just started playing overwatch 2, how the hell do you keep track of everything to commentate on it? i'm so confused with how fast everyone moves around with all the shooting and abilities happening everywhere

  22. The longer you play the more you internalize ability cooldowns. As a tank main towards the end of OW1 I'd basically count cc abilities. Spectating it's easier as the game provides ult charge for all players and the abilities are rather obvious from an overhead POV

  23. Calling him a reporter is an insult to journalism and i love rayzor

  24. He's the only commentator I've seen manage to get a hotdog while mid period

  25. These Sabres uniforms are so extra I love it

  26. They're better than I'd hoped

  27. They tell the employee to leave. It's typically, if you choose to part ways right now and sign a non-disparagement agreement we'll support xyz severance.

  28. They get criticized as golden parachutes due to the level of compensation. I think the general public would be less upset with severance plans if they weren't multiple millions after screwing things up. A small going away package would be more readily accepted

  29. Right the problem is that the departing executives often have fairly significant leverage in those discussions.

  30. Oh I realized that when Kotick was outed from Activision. Having the state bring a lawsuit against your company for a hostile work environment should never result in a multi million dollar severance.

  31. While I don't agree with getting 5, a game, and a fine, I can't really argue against it too much. (Actually, TBH, I'm not sure if all of those are automatic?) You don't want a precedent of 'getting away with' running goalies, intentional or not.

  32. I think it's preferable as Cizikas lost playing time during the game with the incident and gets a fine instead of a forfeited game check. Overall a fair punishment for the action without it being overly harsh to his wallet

  33. Do you guys remember when the Red Wings overpaid a bunch of guys in free agency and everyone thought they jumped us?

  34. It's weird hearing people talk about winning free agency in any sport. Unless those free agents gel instantly and improve the existing core it's not going to be an immediate impact

  35. Peterka Cozens Tuch is a speedy line. They were flying all over the place. Peterka is going to be very very special

  36. So why did he play during overtime last night

  37. People were genuinely arguing that it shouldn't have even been a penalty.

  38. People haven't had their legs taken out from behind as a goalie. When you prepare for everything in front of you, falling backwards hurts like shit

  39. Keep up the good clips!

  40. After years of exposure to bad endings on reddit, I was expecting you to get punched in the face or something, but that story ended really well actually

  41. That's the fun duality of reddit. That story could've ended in marriage or gore and the reader could never tell from the setup

  42. Interesting that Ottawa slots one position behind despite having more points in the rankings.

  43. I wonder if it's because of losing the head to head so decisively. The sens didn't play bad but it was a direct comparison

  44. Both but he probably meant kakko

  45. Thank you!!!!! People look at me like I just shot their dog when I have to weave or squeeze past them to go on with my day. It’s not as bad in upstate New York (where I grew up) but I’ve moved to Ohio in my adult life and it’s sooooo bad there, I swear.

  46. It's currently pretty bad in western New York. Not only do you get the oblivious types but there's also some people who are so anxious to get out due to the shooting back in May that they just go straight to whatever they need next regardless of who's in the way. I've had multiple people walk into me at speed just focused only on where they need to go

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