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  1. Good catch. Please try to enjoy all Bens equally.

  2. With great waffles, comes great responsibility.

  3. (CIA truck transporting co- flour crashes into apartment building)

  4. As an atheist, I want to know how you can be so fragile to burn someone else’s mythological book… because you think your mythological book is better

  5. Take religion out of it and simply look at it as tribalism. It's everywhere. Christians vs Muslims. Democrats vs Republicans. Proud Boys vs Antifa. MGTOW/Men's Rights be Feminism.

  6. In the situation how can we take out religion?

  7. I'm saying that in this specific situation it involves religion. But if you zoom out, religion can be substituted for a number of different world views, all stemming from the same psychological root. "My tribe vs your tribe."

  8. It's the columbine massacre special

  9. Nah. It's the Macaulay Culkin sleepover special.

  10. So here's the thing... My brother rand I used to do this... but we were like 4 and 5. Why our parents gave us a real dart set I will never know, but miraculously we never got hurt.

  11. Doesn't she know EVERYTHING is about race? 🤣

  12. Pshhhkkkkkkrrrr​kakingkakingkakingtsh​chchchchchchchcch​

  13. What if hate and violence was blasphemous 🤔🤔🤔

  14. I love when chicks cheer their boyfriends on only to change their tune when they get their asses beat

  15. I love Patrice O'Neal's take: "If a woman is with me she better know how to fight." 🤣🤣🤣

  16. Nah, I wish Oregon was closer to the equator. We need a cleansing 🤣

  17. Ma'am... you are not the most dangerous game.

  18. You got a source for that? I always wondered how frequent it really is given under report bias etc

  19. It's very uncommon. Source: brother served 10 years. Uncle served time off and on for about 20 years.

  20. The fascinating thing (to me at least) is that it doesn't matter how big or small the change is.

  21. Been playing for several years and over time I just have found gearing up like I'm a Commando just isn't fun for me.

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