1. It does now. Citric acid is some wonderful stuff.

  2. I found one of these at a pawn shop and was stoked because it's unique and I figured would be badass to add to my camp gear. You're telling me I should not bother even starting it?? 😕😬 If so, that's sad news, i paid $25 for it.

  3. You sure you got a 501 and not a 502? 502 is a perfectly safe design.

  4. I haven't seen one of those before. It's got a very peculiar looking generator.

  5. I'd wager there's a spider or dirt dauber nest in one of the air intake tubes.

  6. Looks pretty similar except galena isn't ferromagnetic, good suggestion though

  7. Ok thanks. Although when I first saw this piece, I double checked to make sure raw galena looked this this and if indeed was magnetic and it definitely said that is was due to it's iron content. So I don't know? In any case, it's a gorgeous piece!

  8. That is something I hadn't considered. It does appear to have little rusty specks here and there.

  9. Looks like melted glass, maybe a Heineken bottle.

  10. But I'm also partial to AGM and Nagel Chase. So many lanterns out there. I have a large running list of the pieces I want. Preferably in the need to fix condition. I really love getting these old things to run tip top again. 😆

  11. Hell yeah, the AGM stuff is good too. I've got one of their kamp kook stoves from the 20s and it still runs top notch.

  12. I don't have an AGM stove but I do have a fair smattering of lanterns. This is an AGM 258 I ran at the gathering last weekend.

  13. It looks like it puts out a nice white light. Was that at an ICCC gathering?

  14. I have one I got as a kid. That’s great!

  15. That's awesome, I just can't get over how small this thing is lol

  16. For .45 colt the maximum oal you want is 1.6 but it also depends on the type of bullet and what not. Since it's flat points maybe they're naturally supposed to be shorter but idk for sure. I wanna be certain before i stick these in my new piece.

  17. Don't just take my word for it, do you're own research to verify.

  18. Yea i'm already aware of that, that's why i'm loading bp in the first place. My main concern was headspacing, they say it's held at the rim. But we're talking lever guns here, so idk if that still applies.

  19. Yes it still headspaces on the rim, no worries there.

  20. Dumb question that you may know (cuz you are active here alot) I have one of those modern kerosene lanterns and after about 30 minutes or so the flame starts to burn "wrong" for lack of a better term. The mantle gets dimmer and starts to badly soot and gets covered in it so even if I can get it to burn correctly it produces no light and just goes back to burning incorrectly after a while. Any ideas how to fix that?

  21. It sounds to me like after it gets heated up good, pieces of stuff in the generator are maybe starting to turn loose and clog the gas tip. Next time it happens maybe try turning the fuel valve mostly closed then all the way open again and see if that solves the problem.

  22. That does fix it for about another half hour and then it starts again.

  23. You might need to clean the inside of your generator real good with a bore brush. My Coleman 237 used to do the same thing. You could also try putting a shot glass full of seafoam in with the fuel, sometimes that helps clear things up.

  24. Another fine piece indeed. Is that a mica globe you're running?

  25. Can't beat a deal like that. Way luckier than anything I've found.

  26. Now that's not something you see every day. What year is it?

  27. That's a real gem for sure. Very strange to see a Coleman without a valve.

  28. I keep my naptha gas in the cans they come in and I keep my kerosene (jet fuel actually) in relabeled naptha gas cans.

  29. Those little torches are awesome for preheating stoves and starting fires.

  30. That's a sweet looking stove. Is it Optimus, primus, or something else?

  31. Aw, you gonna leave us hanging? Looks like Coleman was trying to tap into the swedish stove market.

  32. That's a fine lot. I really dig that red globe.

  33. Great show and an interesting set up, you got me wanting to go get a can of spam now!! Cheers brother

  34. Hell yeah that's good stuff every now and then.

  35. Doing well down here, I hope the same where you are. That's a fine lantern as well.

  36. Lol. “If you feel like you need to vote, you are not mentally fit to vote”

  37. "If you feel like you need to speak freely, you are not mentally fit to speak freely" smdh.

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