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  1. thiago moises has better bjj credentials than oliveira.

  2. How so? I don't know much about him. All I know is both are 3rd degree bjj black belts

  3. Moises is an ibjjf gold medalist and charles has no major title

  4. Adrian Yanez is fun af to watch. Can’t wait to see him throw down with top 10 bantamweights

  5. Idk, Volk got dropped by Brian Ortega of all people. Conor would sleep him if Volk makes a mistake against someone as precise as Conor. 145 Conor has meh cardio, if it passes the 3rd round I think Volk picks him apart to a decision or a finish. If not, Conor by KO 1st or 2nd round.

  6. Depends how much Cejudo bulked in his retirement and how active he is in the gym for the last 3 years.

  7. It's overstimulation. They love getting pet so much and they don't know how to express it, so they bite. Same reason we get hyped up when we do something we enjoy.

  8. Pain. Hope he recovers quickly and properly. Has to be immediate title shot after recovery

  9. "This guy already get fuck in the ass"

  10. Would Laser hair removal help him? it could help to make him look normal. Doesn't guarantee that hair own't grow back tho

  11. Sex appeal = being able to look up her skirt when she's climbing a ladder

  12. This is R6, last time I played it , I placed a camera on the floor while my friend was using Ela. He stood on the camera and.... Well you get the point.

  13. No, let some of the inmates give him years of action in their cells by groups. maybe 10-20 years of that, then give him death penalty, but at that point he'd want that. That's when we deny him that. Life in prison as a bitch.

  14. Imagine if Izzy can’t finish them cause it’s to spicy and Alex comes in and finishes them

  15. Empyrean skins I'd like to see in the future are Nocturne, Pantheon, Aphelios, Bard, Lee Sin, Shen, Kaisa/Vayne, Seraphine , Karma, Janna , and Kayle. Maybe Taric?

  16. While I agree, Nocturne needs am update. His model is too clunky of you are not using his legendary skin.

  17. I hyped up my family to watch Tony so much. Only to see him live against Gaethje, so yeah. I was speechless.

  18. Izzy is 10 times the striker Jiri is, but for sure he can rock or KO Alex.

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