1. My family had an Akita/lab mix and later a full akita, both rescues. Great dogs but not easy

  2. I still want to see Chris get taken somewhere weird by Sydney and DDKaren or Aki.

  3. wow, no kidding, I will have to look into that... thanks for the update

  4. I book thru OurBus, the pick ups are usually Collins circle and Megabus stop which is in the parking lot by the Amtrak station

  5. I thought you were hit me with Miko's "cover" but then I was extra jebaited. Almost fucking choked on my drink, thanks OP!

  6. Yup, used to go to the original place and the larger place. Fantastic food!

  7. Happened to be in Tokyo area last week for Band-Maid concert, decided to go to Enoshima for anime otaku reasons(Aobuta, Slam Dunk, Bocchi the Rock), then I suppose days later Kiara went with Hacchama and Ame....

  8. I think we could use some more public transit between albany and troy

  9. And Troy to the Amtrak station and to the airport. My bus ride to the airport shouldn't be as long as my flight to LaGuardia

  10. I watched both episodes and I hope the third draws me in. The animation was good but the change in characters and their personalities isn't doing it for me. Maybe I'll wait until all the episodes are out

  11. Given how popular hololive is now, I wonder if they would always have to dine out in private rooms for fear of people recognizing their voices.

  12. I forget which mem it was, but someone asked if they did outings with Yagoo but they said they couldn't because he was so recognizable.

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