Don't put metal in a microwave. Don't mix bleach and ammonia. What are some other examples of life-saving tips that a potentially uninformed person wouldn't be aware of?

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LPT: Don't just let kids win at games. You can slow it down, you can teach them strategy, but keep it real. Someday, they will beat you fair and square, and it will be a moment they always remember with pride.

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  1. Ehhhh I personally look forward to Melbourne now carrying two rucks

  2. there's only ever 18 on the field, how does a sub make that easier given rucks play 80-90% game time

  3. A sub vs the rumour of 5 on the bench (which was an earlier discussion) was more my point. Having 2 amazing rucks and able to to carry 5 on the bench would be massive. A much scarier prospect.

  4. Why would having more on a bench allow you to play more talls? They are mostly both on the ground for most of the match anyway, how would having smaller players who will interchange with other smll players make any difference?

  5. Wish I had some for advice for you. It sucks and I don't have any answers on how to change it

  6. Made these 2 years ago with dill, and they were the talk of the meal.

  7. And a lot of those points also hold true for Kardina park

  8. Seating is comfortable, disable access aplenty, lots of corporate boxes (big money spinner), train lines a block away, cbd 3 blocks away, plenty of parking, lighting that allows any fixture to be played not just 2 including prime friday night matches, and... it doesn't snow. And for reference, AFL put in sfa into the redevelopment

  9. It's nothing more than political obfuscation. The stadium money will be borrowed, it won't come out of the budget. Some interest payments maybe but it is likely to generate money over time, through increased tourism, concerts, large events etc. It has nothing to do with the number of emergency doctors

  10. The Lord of the Rings trilogy is a masterpiece that no other trilogy can compare to.

  11. Seeing a lot of basically opinion blog sites popping up masquerading as journalism, what's the go with them. Any of particular quality or are they all brand new?

  12. If you need to stop a sneeze, place a finger across the part where the bottom of your nose meets your top lip and apply some pressure.

  13. Fossil Oil countries that are practically all desert, Qatar leading ... no surprise there I guess.

  14. Industry size vs population. Population is not contributing as much as industry so large populations bring your average down.

  15. Choice comparison had nearly all tablets better at cleaning than any powder. It's just that your Fischer Paykel sucks. For real they break all the time, and you are probably using a dish drawer so that is only half a load and tablets are made for a full size dishwasher

  16. Yeah, i watch more YouTube than Netflix or Disney+ and I thought if I pay for these I can pay for Youtube. Of course one can simply use an ad blocker. But I found that very disrespectful to the creators putting out in the end free content. And I've heard that your view is more worth to a creator if you're on premium.

  17. YT annoying when you watch it in TV. Too many ads. So I had to buy premium lol

  18. What about the heavy kinds slow way of talking, is this common in Australia?

  19. Listened to Jeff on SEN on Friday. He is totally cooked. It’s 100% about a Liberal controlled board losing control to a Labor controlled board. Jeff has a problem with it being changed over, but he’s fine with it remaining as it’s been. So it’s only political if the other side gets up, and not political if his liberal cronies win.

  20. enough rope as they say. Merlino should try and entice dan andrews to the board, now that would be popcorn worthy

  21. They’re strictly a coping tool for divorced men

  22. People can choose whatever vehicle they like, just because you drive a kia picanto don't have to try and bring others down

  23. Mate, they won't sell you an F250 without proof of divorce.

  24. Place like an afl club doesn't need future funds, always gov grants and handouts on offer, they just need a small cash buffer

  25. Pub pays Murdoch to play it so your still supporting the cunt unfortunately.

  26. They've paid up already so you're not giving them any more money than they'd already have

  27. I suspect the sniper was so astonished at how they all clustered around the first guy that there was a little delay before he sent the next round. If he'd been slightly quicker, he could have dropped all five of them in a neat little pile.

  28. He was probably seeing if they would make a line in front of him. Save him 3 bullets that way

  29. If only we could draft some Tarranto/Hopper types...

  30. Defence leaked like a sieve, no interceptors back there anymore except vlastuin. Surely you need to bolster defence?

  31. How doesn't this lead to coaches in a year or so claiming a concussed player left them a rotation down with a 4 person bench? The only reason we are having this conversation is because people complained injuries gave the opposition an advantage. I'm not sure what problem this is fixing, but it is bringing back the problem that the medi-sub solved. This is a pointless cycle

  32. True but diluted effect. Will make best teams better, Geelong was leaving out a Parfitt out of their best 23, who was Sydney or Collingwood leaving out? Campbell? Bianco? Carmichael?

  33. Its unpopular but I dont think unlimited interchanges made the sport better. I prefer it when coaches need to be tactical about substitutions. But to do that you would need to drop the cap down massively to like less than 10 a quarter

  34. Happy to be rid of Kennett and have people like Gowers and maybe Ayres involved at the club.

  35. Kennett needs to put on some weight and fill out those wrinkles. He's like a walking picture of dorian gray

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