1. God is the source energy that all other energies emanate from, all the way down to our material reality (malkuth). The Kabbalist tree of life is a great map of how this energy descended gradually while condensing. The Tao is also a great representation of what god might be.

  2. Please stop with these hateful comments. People can pursue meaning in life in all kinds of ways. There is no need to disparage others, just because you have different beliefs than them.

  3. They claim every other religion is from Satan, so probably not the best influence

  4. I mean…that’s patently untrue. There are many different denominations of “mainstream Christianity,” with different ideological approaches, but I can say with certainty that most do not consider other religions evil. My church actually required us to attend other places of worship, and explore other religions and nonreligious ideas, prior to being confirmed. I was taught they are all great pathways to the same place.

  5. I assure you that’s the exception. I keep the fact that I’m Buddhist to myself because if I don’t there’s a good chance a Christian is going to lecture me on how I’m going to hell if I don’t convert to Christianity

  6. Sing “row row row your boat” several times in a row. Just keep singing it until you can’t anymore and you’ll feel better

  7. Mindfulness is simply being engaged with the present. There is mindfulness meditation to help train your mind to be present, and many other types of meditation that train your mind in different ways.

  8. This is entirely accurate. That’s South Korea and the number of bases have nowhere to go but in the water on this chart

  9. Yeah go ask a bunch of women out. You’re guaranteed to be rejected by many no matter who you are

  10. It means the meditative state should be your natural state. It shouldn't be forced or even thought about.

  11. And how exactly is one supposed to attain that without meditating?

  12. Literal interpretations almost always fail when applied to zen teachings. I agree it is a frustrating phrasing. He's trying to say that the actions we take to enter the meditative state are not meditation itself, but that distinction is frankly pedantic for beginners. Such is the way with many zen teachings. It will make sense at the right time.

  13. I’ve been into zen for 20 years and meditation is it’s central focus. Zen is the most experiential of the schools of Buddhism and it’s simply not zen if you’re not putting serious effort into meditation. Meditation is what will shine light on the abstract concepts

  14. The pain you feel is why Buddhism is so opposed to desire and attachment. If you’re dependent on anything for your happiness you’re not truly happy, and you’ll keep going from this to that in an endless cycle rather than finding true, deep, unshakable content and happiness.

  15. More like he doesn’t want the physical trauma he’s getting in prison

  16. Gradually work your way up. Go to 15 mins twice a day and move it up to 20 after a few weeks and so on and so on. It gets better the more you do it. It you stick with it daily you’ll be looking forward to doing it as much as possible in no time

  17. On the rare occasions I take it anymore, I try to aim for shortly after I get up in the morning. Take it at 10am you’ll be able to sleep by midnight.

  18. It almost looks like you're concerned for their well-being, and then you throw in an attack against the OP.

  19. Did you read it? It sounds like paranoid schizophrenia and it’s pushing absolute nonsense. If your parents start wearing red or blue you better watch out!!! 🤦🏻🤦🏻🤦🏻

  20. An example of what to avoid :) See how its all black and white with this one? What is schizophrenia? What is psychosis? How do you know? And why is this person so particular about their punctuation.. It's almost like they are obsessed with signs.

  21. I’m sure they’ll find something with this extensive heads up

  22. If you took a break you’ll have to work to get back to where you were. Bringing the attention back to the object of meditation is where the benefits of samatha come from. Every time you do this it can be considered a “rep.”

  23. They’re all from Russia and China. Probably haven’t eaten in days

  24. His method is known as the one pot shot. Many better and easier methods have been developed since. How exactly would you get a tattoo of a synthesis?

  25. You could get shulgins one from PiHKAL

  26. Really? I’m doing 50mg. Measured. I was told it was powerful but I read you need at least 50mg to break through. Holy shit, have I really just been doing too much all those times?? I stopped doing it after my 4th or 5th blackout. That was a couple years ago.

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