1. I was told it was illegal to post guns on the internet without showing some kind of feet 🤔

  2. More like “everyone has bulletproof windows anyway” style airsoft

  3. I wanna see someone rig it with lots of c4 as well as a ton of c4 all around an airsoft field, then you lock the airsofter in and they have to defuse it.

  4. Bing bang boom winner winner so it is based off the m4. Which in no way means it is an m4, just that it's design is based off the m4 platform.

  5. They will, they just want to juice it out for hype all the way into season 10 or whatever. Games these days ship with dlc built ready to go, and wait to release it to keep things relevant

  6. If she knew she couldn’t afford to keep a dog she shouldn’t of bought it I feel bad for the pupper

  7. NTA- and I think stepmom needs a different therapist because it doesn't seem like she's getting a lot out of this one. Your feelings about this are valid and dad is wrong for trying to force you to deepen the relationship when it sounds like stepmom is burning bridges and looking for a "ready-made family" of her own.

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