1. No i think it plays into “broad/wide shoulders” automatically equal width

  2. Beyonce is verified R. I think Normani might be SN.

  3. Jennifer Aniston - often bandied about as a verified pure N.

  4. Yeah like i question this as I’m a dramatic and underweight but would consider my waist more like the top one

  5. Nothing I love my hooded eyes the only downside is I find it hard to do eye makeup but I actually like the way they look

  6. I don’t see vertical she’s always appeared small to me and gives me fg vibes

  7. Pixie cut 100% your features are so stunning they shouldn’t be hidden behind makeup

  8. I know these women aren't necessarily DCs, but man, DCs' ability to rock menswear looks from everything from prep to edgy is so hot. And because they're classics, adding just a bit of detail like studs on a leather jacket takes the look into interesting territory.

  9. It’s meant to be style I think dc would pull off I’m aware the actual women aren’t dc

  10. all I can think about is that damn book about that lady & her seven husbands

  11. Love your posts! Waiting forever for you to finish the deadly sin series too!

  12. They both look amazing tbh but if you were to only get one the second really fits you well and looks so good on you

  13. Beautiful and Navy blue rlly fits em but Rose is FN I think

  14. Baby blue on SCs: The Cinderella effect.

  15. It's an essence but I always think about it as a serum lol. It has many benefits but I'm just gonna list the ones that I've seen in my skin so far: It helps with your dark spots, it's moisturizing, leaves your skin feeling relaxed and helps with the redness. It is sticky but what else can you expect, it's snail mucin

  16. Ive very sensitive reactive skin so I’m always afraid to try new things

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