A glowing commendation for all to see

  1. Oh man. Wait until she declares that she wants to have his “BERBIES”!!! That moment lives rent free in my head.

  2. That was so funny. I used to walk around and scream BERBIES randomly much to my son's horror. He'd say mom STOP!!!. Finally I did then one day he poked his head in my room and said Hey mom BERBIES and ran away.!!! Ah yes, the student has surpassed the teacher. It was a proud moment for me....

  3. “Unveil myself”?! Is this code for when she makes us all have to look at her giant fake titty balls?

  4. I don’t have any babies but I’m pretty sure they aren’t supposed to bend like this or have their necks dangling.

  5. Poor ML is wondering who this strange woman is trying to kiss her for a photo opp. Hillz probably grabbed her from the nanny that ML recognizes as real mom. Sad.

  6. “IM IN WE WORE WHAT”???? What the fuck is she trying to say???

  7. It’s such a delicious mistake though. So yummy! (🤢) But for real- a lot of people don’t read beyond the headlines. This is an error, but oh how ironic for Hillz. Someone legitmately made a mistake but it’s going to spread and bite Hilly in the ass. She wanted coverage about her brave surrogacy journey, and an error by this journalist is making it look like Hillz is an even bigger liar. This is an Aged like milk or Leapords Ate My Face type of moment.

  8. Don’t go on tv if you don’t want your life and that of your husband picked apart for public consumption. Girl, bye ✌️.

  9. They’re a possession to show off. Just like her kids, her cats, her shiny leggingos, her diamond chicken claw earrings.

  10. My chi is currently asleep on my knee, always giving cuddles and snuggling up on me

  11. Insecurity. He’s said it a few times. Something to the effect of “she wants to get away from me” or “she wants to get as far away as possible from me.” But it always ends up going back to him being insecure that she’ll leave him. THAT is honestly his problem. He even admitted in a pillow talk episode that he knocked Yara up so she “wouldn’t run away.”

  12. I would be willing to bet those cars are leased. They need to portray wealth for the gram!

  13. I hope you dig into all the silly stuff she clearly doesn't get about Spain. My favorite being that her constant parading around with the flag makes her look like a weird Francoist.

  14. Weird flex. He looks like he has no idea who she is and would like to get the fuck away from her 😂.

  15. Your flair always cracks me tf up 😭 is there a post on here where I can see her leopard birthing turtleneck?

  16. Haha there definitely was a post about it. I forget which kid she was on but everyone was commenting that it weird that she had “just given birth” and was wearing a leopard turtleneck 😂.

  17. Those eyes don’t look “honey” colored to me. Just another blonde haired, blue eyed Calliou clone.

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