1. I already had small boobs when I was a teen, but average. Stopped taking the pill and lost a size, lost 20kg and lost even more. I avoided dresses for a long time, because they would never fit. Was now looking for a dress for my university graduation and ordered this from zara - no problems whatsoever, I‘m in love and feel very feminine

  2. Awww I’m glad you feel feminine I understand how it feels to feel unsure ab wearing items but! , you look amazing!!❤️🥹

  3. I love your cosplays!! Especially with my similar body type v inspiring and beautiful 💗

  4. I'm 2 days late but I needed to tell how pretty you look omg ❤️👑

  5. Good morning to a beautiful woman. Great way to start my day

  6. I agree that the messaging around ass is STRONG. I think largely so they can sell products, procedures, shapewear, etc. if you hate the way you look you’ll spend a lot more money to “fix” all the things that are “wrong” - spoiler alert, nothing is wrong with you!!!

  7. Exactly!! Like jeez 😵‍💫 I understand that a lot of comments in here are saying being curvy beauty standard isn’t a universal thing and i agree. But the generation we are living in there’s so many people still dying from this expectation or standards and doing unhealthy things like buying bbl pills? Like girl what?

  8. Chile I’m just scared this BBL mess is going to mess up the upcoming teenage girls

  9. Exactly!! And that tiktok I saw went viral!! 🫠 so many young and older people saying they want the product

  10. Just to clarify that nudity is allowed here, just not sexual posts whether they involve nudity or not.

  11. I went to a sad event today, but also got the comments of how young and youthful I look. Which I know is a compliment most of the time.. but doesn’t feel like it. I get comments that I look and sound very young all the time so it doesn’t make me feel really flattered all the time just meh. And I don’t know I was wearing my favorite dress at the time so I was hoping I looked my age at least or look mature. Just Makes me feel empty and weird that most people assume that. I just am not being perceived how I want despite feeling confident sucks.

  12. For the most part, I think that a lot of anime can still be very cringe in this regard, and I think a lot of it comes from the existing misogynistic culture in Japan. However, I do think that there are some great creators out there who are representing women as a whole, and not just as a sexy thing that you add to a franchise for men to ogle.

  13. Yes! I do agree there is definitely a lot of misogyny in Japan. Especially when it comes to authors considering both of their audiences instead of just the male audience.

  14. I haven't watched anime in years, and yes a lot of them suck in terms of representation, I could handle it to an extent but what truly made me quit was weebs bodyshaming the sh!t out of women who didnt look like nami from one piece (or whichever huge honker bonkers on a slim body type female character of the season)

  15. Yesssss! Preach I remember looking up nami cosplays on TikTok. And ofc here comes the body shaming weebs that have nothing better to do with their life 😒. Saying all sorts of stuff to these beautiful cosplayers!. I love cosplay, but it does scare me to cosplay someone without my body type or skin color because a lot of rude people you know? 😕.

  16. It's very normal to have different curl patterns all over your head. I don't subscribe to the hair typing mess these days but the curls in the front of my head and the back of my head are looser, and the curls in my crown area are super tight and small.

  17. That’s honestly so interesting! Thank you for commenting this. 🫶🥰 I have always thought my hair was one thing. But when I looked up my hair I didn’t know what it was but I thought my hair just looked kinda different in some ways but similar in others. Which now I figured it out! I wish they would teach these in YouTube vids. I learned mainly from videos than traditionally.

  18. First off...I love your face lol it reminds me of a pixie. Secondly my hair and my son's hair in particularly are exactly the same type. We both have a combination of 4A and 3C with 3C being in our kitchen near the nape of our necks and on the sides and front of our hair and 4A everywhere else. My daughters both have looser curl patterns with a mix of 3B/3C.

  19. Firstly, thank you so much❤️ I think that’s the most lovely comment I have ever gotten 🥺. I’m honestly suprised and I love the new information I’m now learning that their can be 2 to 3 hair types exist in black hair. I feel like I have been living under a rock! 🫠 but thank you so much for writing this I was definitely in a crisis of knowledge 🫶

  20. All the best on your journey, I was same fed up of wigs etc, I have locs coming up to 3 years, best thing, I've done for my mental health and hair, I love that its mine!

  21. That sounds so amazing and I’m so happy to hear that! I’ve been meaning to try locs

  22. YOU LOOK STUNNING 🥰🥰🥹 The sun The makeup The color It all suits you so well omg 🫶

  23. Love this! The colour and the cut and the necklace, all look fantastic! Also, you're so pretty 😍 proper killing it lady ❤️

  24. I love Shein clothing. Never thought to check their accessories too. That gives me a great excuse to go clothes shopping (not that I need an excuse) 😂

  25. LMAO that’s so me fr! I actually love checking out their accessories their worth it! 🥰

  26. You’re stunning!! I love the makeup look 🫶 I never tried eye gems but I should one day!

  27. Aww dear ( hope you don’t mind I say that) it’s okie I think a lot of us here can relate to what you’re saying I know I can relate to how I used to feel. I think you should know that it’s okie to feel sad about your body (sometimes) but overall you’re perfect and there is DOZENS of men who will find you dazzling! There is more to a woman than her chest size. But, there is so much men that also prefer small chests or love every chest!. And when it comes to men comparing women to this or that, try your best to ignore that. People will come and go and try their best to hurt or get to you. But know that you’re worth everything and whatever man you’re with is the luckiest ever!!!

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