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3D meat printing is coming

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  1. It might be pajama day. It’s something that’s usually done at least a couple of times a year at some schools in the US.

  2. Is it possible that he has some unresolved fear from when you were overweight?

  3. Wtf are these tiers? They make no sense, and if I were trying to make sense of them, what you “rated” them would seem to be pretty low given that I, as maybe your now ex did as well, would equate the letter scale as the same as a number scale, with A and B being the best.

  4. The kid (who is obviously on the spectrum) is having a meltdown and apparently didn’t have any adults with him that were capable of de-escalating the situation when he started to get riled up due to whatever triggered him.

  5. why autism? really curious, I would've said illicit drugs

  6. The hand flapping is something called “stemming” and it’s something many autistic people do. All of his actions indicate autism. My oldest child is autistic and she does the hand flapping thing and when she has an episode, many of her body motions are similar to his in the things he’s doing- except she’s never damaged any property, thank God. She will get loud though.

  7. This is an early early early video from them before GMM.

  8. Chemically castrated as a child, please stop idolizing this person's voice - it makes male singers give up

  9. It's not the children's beverage I've got qualms about. That counter is filthy.

  10. I hadn’t even looked at anything past the drink, but seeing this comment I went back and looked closer. You’re right. 🤢 I’d have been embarrassed to post this pic online.

  11. djeez louis.. what an idiot, but then again the guy blocking him could have just gone over to the right.. Sometimes its best to let these drivers live in their 'world' and be on the safe side.

  12. Yeah, I know I wouldn’t want that psycho behind my car. I’d have moved over and have done so when I’ve encountered similar idiots driving erratically on the road.

  13. Had a guy repeatedly ask me to hit his vape and I repeatedly had to keep telling him no. Also referred to me as a “bougie bitch” for not accepting phone calls while driving (he’d tried to call me before pick up, I had no idea).

  14. The last time someone asked to vape in my car I told them that I had a severe allergic reaction the last time someone did that in my car, so they decided not to do it. I don’t want that ish being smoked in my car. Also, sorry about your bad experience. I had also had a bad experience, but mine was dealing with a drunk- in the middle of the frigging day no less! Horrible experience- was belligerently yelled at and groped. I couldn’t find the tab on Uber to indicate I felt unsafe and I felt that he’d hurt me if I stopped and tried to get him out of my car. I was praying the entire trip to make it there safely and that he didn’t hurt me. He left a mess in my back floor (unbeknownst to me when I started the ride he’d brought an open cup of alcohol) and as he got out of my car he’d started peeing on himself! Luckily he was out of my car already when he’d started that! I avoid driving at night to skip having to deal with those type of people. Oddly enough, I haven’t had to deal with anyone like that when picking up for Lyft. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  15. Idk.. I think this one and “Dreams” are on the same level of awesomeness. 😊

  16. I wished we had more to the vid to see if the two dudes got to fighting. I’d be fighting, Idgaf

  17. Why fight over a girl that clearly wants to sleep around? Just as dumb as when girls fight over a cheating pos guy. No cheater is worth fighting over. Let them just be the ex gf and the ex best friend.

  18. Women will get caught in another dudes bed without pants and say "what the fuck? No im not? Youre crazy"

  19. Put her in a group home for awhile. It make wake her up to her actions and give you a break. I don’t say this joking.

  20. Wtf is wrong with you?! A group home is not a solution to a parent that actually loves their child. So much abuse happens to kids in group homes.

  21. That's happened me to multiple times. I got the notification it was canceled literally hours after delivery. Like uhm excuse me what?

  22. Yummy 3D printed fake meat. Just what we’ve all been missing in our lives. 🙄

  23. How strange that in this case all cops involved were terminated but in plenty of other cases they were put in paid leave. I wonder what could possibly be different.

  24. Do you use the rating filter too?

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