1. No one said 12/29/97 yet so I’ll say it bc imo it’s the best damn show eva

  2. Boogie On Reggae Woman mostly bc wifey has been dying to get it and I want to see her freak out when we finally get it.

  3. Those setlists are amazing and have a bunch of songs I am chasing after seeing many shows including 20 in the last 13 months lol my goodness

  4. Will leave off Prague Ghost despite it being far and away #1 as to not duplicate efforts.

  5. Ghost beats suzy greenberg!?!? Im going to fookin riot! 🤬🤬

  6. I love both songs but Ghost is much more of a monster jam vehicle and no matter which way I went I figured it was a slam dunk vote

  7. Every single time I have ever asked someone like this at a show they have said no and told me to keep being tall and not worry about it.

  8. I have asked one time bc my friends are short and were hanging in a spot for a long time before a very tall group came right in front of us. The guys were awesome and just switched spots with our group.

  9. I bring a posse of short people to the show with me and stand behind them. Not sure if it helps anyone, but my short people posse are the best to bring to shows so

  10. Haha same - have an awesome posse of short people and my view is great from behind them.

  11. Cashortrade is probably your best bet. The run is not sold out, but the seats you want are. The nights you are looking for are the 2 highest in demand nights. Go on cashortrade and set up alerts for the nights you want. Aviewfrommyseat (Google it) is great for seeing what your vantage point will be from anywhere in msg. Search Madison square garden and use the seating chart to have a virtual look around.

  12. 10/30/10 Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City. Decided to catch SCI in Hampton that night, and catch Phish in AC on Halloween.

  13. The music and the light show are better indoors. Everything else is better outdoors. If we could be outdoors at a great venue for everything, but MSG arena descended on the crowd when the lights go down, and then ascended back for setbreak, and then descended again for set 2 and the encore, that would be the best of both worlds.

  14. Do you think nights 1 & 2 are losing some votes because they were played on weeknights and not as many listened?

  15. Was there for all 5.. in order my preference was 4/5/1/2/3. All pretty great though

  16. I’d like to make a motion: exile posts out of Gamehenge when OP could save everyone a lot of time by including a link but they don’t.

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