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  1. I'm having a discussion. You're the one who needs to calm down.

  2. I'm having a discussion too. Did you really think i was angry?

  3. You’re the one who told me to calm down, remember?

  4. You're the one who said that it's sad that people likes a kids movie. And you also called someone a wannabe "edgelord" when you don't get a famous internet slang.

  5. Well the women you’d just have to keep away from the children it’s not like u can cut their invisible dicks off ??

  6. Fill their orifices with cement? And if you can take away the women can't you do the same to the men?

  7. Well sorry to burst your bubble but numerous sentences could be constructed without employing the first letter of the english lexicon.

  8. There's a popular meme that starts with "You think you did something didn't you?" and leads into that

  9. The family. That tight bloodline that doesn’t represent 60 + million people 😂

  10. And does alabama represent 300+ million people?

  11. Now you're shutting people off with how fast you reply to my comment that i doubt you even bother to read it, and your entire reply was "Ok".

  12. Are you calling people ignorant while at the same time implying we would still only have command line OS’s if not for Bill Gates?

  13. Doesn't that apply to almost everything? If newton didn't exist someone would figured out laws of motion eventually.

  14. Oh so now you're trolling on behalf of logic boy as well? I made multiple arguments above. If you can't understand them, that's on you.

  15. Judging by the downvotes you got, it looks like im not the only one who didn't understand your argument. So tell me which one is more likely, your argument is so smart that no one can understand it, or is it so stupid that no one can understand it?

  16. Why the hell are you quoting my question if you're not even gonna answer them? You have trouble reqding them? Here, let me make it easier to read for you. Please answer it next time yeah?

  17. I'm going to fly over there and throw all your tea into the ocean.

  18. Then he shouldn't be in situations out of his depth.

  19. I've only seen batman dodged omega beam but never seen him survives it. When does he does that?

  20. Correct. You should be reflecting on those who gave their lives.

  21. No? That's not how human anatomy works. You should read more about biology.

  22. Their political system is basically “might makes right,“ which is actually pretty fitting for a movie franchise whose heroes resolve their problems with physical violence, not inclusive dialogue

  23. You want to watch a 2 hour movie where a superhero with superpowers solves a physical threat just by talking with the bad guys?

  24. He only changes when it affects him, I'm starting to think Tony Stark is selfish.

  25. Most of the time people change their life when something bad happens to them. How could i know how i treat people is bad when i never get treated the same way?

  26. Crazy how a person can just miss the entire point

  27. Your point is that a stolen joke is not funny as seen by your second comment on this thread.

  28. That people more powerful than him is a weakness or not a weakness? Which one?

  29. You said he has “just one” weakness, Stormbreaker. That is not the case, since he has been overpowered on multiple occasions and not always with Stormbreaker.

  30. I said that that shouldn't count as a weakness. Let's say that batman can be killed by a nuclear, would you say that a nuclear is batman's weakness?

  31. I didn’t do this for karma you fucking nerd. Bro not everything is for some fucking internet points

  32. No, I'm not saying it wouldn't be okay to make a map that floods or is based on climate change, the joke here is that this post was their initial thought with no regard for literally anything else in their mind, except for "is this battlefield map material?"

  33. How do you know what their mind is saying? Do they need to put something in their post like "i know tsunami is bad, but hear me out... "?

  34. I'm literally basing this off the fact literally no one at the time of me posting this, even brought up the real part of this video, and the fact that the post was all the context they gave, so as far as I know that's literally all they thought before posting what they did.

  35. Why would they brought up the real part of the video? They're discussing video game maps.

  36. To fight people that watch it and thinks it's a masterpiece while it's pretty much at the bottom of the worst series of all time.

  37. Why do you need to fight them? What's wrong with them?

  38. I love that the argument is isn’t, “it’s good you should watch it.” But “you have to watch it to know what’s going on in the next one.” Which perfectly encapsulates why I’ve got Marvel fatigue.

  39. Gatekeeping is bad, but talking (angrily no less) about a topic you know nothing about is just as bad.

  40. Yo, I agree. At this point people literally believe ANYTHING. And I'm not saying I didn't get fooled a lot but this is on another level. This sub is for stuff like serial killers, gangsters, natural disasters, creepy animals and so on... Not a fucking kitchen knife. I have a video from when I was living in Brazil, I was basically walking down the street where a fight between to gangs broke out and turned really bloody, and people were literally walking over the lifeless corpses of the gangsters. That's terrifying, not a fucking kitchen knife.

  41. This sub is for ODDLY terrifying things. Serial killers, creepy animals, etc are just plain creepy.

  42. Where are the movies about super heroes rebuilding cities instead of them beating the shit out of whoever destroyed the cities

  43. You really want to watch a 2 hour movie about superheroes rebuilding destroyed cities?

  44. So you're basically saying it's good women in the US are treated halfway like property...?

  45. When did he say that? Can you quote it for me?

  46. You said they're remaking everything. That implies ....Everything. Choose your words more carefully next time.

  47. Yet you said EVERYTHING is already made, which is just plain wrong. Choose your words more carefully next time you idiot.

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