1. That would open the door to a finance audit to validate before going public and as someone said they can’t afford it they are too shady

  2. Who are these billionaire kids given jobs at these public companies weve been supporting? I dont remember any support. I just dont remember any outrage cause we dont even know who they are.

  3. It was a post about the Arnault succession for the control of LVMH

  4. How to these people attend a basketball game? Is there not absolute chaos with their entourage and people?? How do the kids concentrate on the game?

  5. Its Sierra Canyon where a lot if super rich kids and kids if celebs goes, they probably used to celebrities.

  6. Her silhouette is perfect for this idc if people shit on her. Its well thought. A model with similar body could have done the same but i get that they also wanted the notoriety that comes with Kendall

  7. that’s not a theory that is a fact lol it’s no secret that celebrities and especially rappers have personas 💀

  8. Still hard to comprehend for a lot of people that what we see isn’t always the truth.

  9. I feel this way about Kendall too. I honestly don’t think she ever really wanted to be a model, she was just tall and skinny so of course she was going to be the model of the family. She never came across very passionate about it and actually seems pretty uncomfortable in front of cameras.

  10. The episode where she goes to a casting or whatever in NY with Kim. She tells Kim she has cheer practice and would like to go but Kim insisted she goes to a photoshoot or runaway. People were like « Kendall is so spoiled for refusing this opportunity » but all i saw was a teenager wanting to be at school and do her extra activities like any kid

  11. Yep saw her ! Lala was on it too.

  12. Kardashians Jenner Cinematic Univers

  13. I feel like this is a typical case of « the internet talks so much about it that it becomes reality » like some kind of mandela effect.

  14. Its so funny how everyone keep calling her iconic and love her when there’s decade of proofs (and lawsuits) she’s an ass. She seems a better person nowadays tho

  15. I mean, someone can be beautiful and stylish and entertaining while also being an asshole. I don’t want to be Naomi Campbell’s friend and I don’t think she’s a good person, but I do like looking at pictures of her.

  16. Its the way people almost worship her. Somehow cancel culture is everywhere but for her.

  17. wait didn’t he and Christina breakup or does he have another girlfriend ?

  18. I like this one! My favorite of her 2023 campaigns so far.

  19. That’s a good question. I know some campaigns get released months after being done.

  20. I unfortunately love Kendall because she’s the most aspirational of them to me, but this isn’t it. Not to sound like Kim but she almost makes the ad less interesting to look at. I feel bad being mean about it but cmon, you cheated your way there, the least you can do is an effort

  21. I peeped at the other models on their insta page and beside the asian lady the other give me the same vibes as Kendall. I don’t see much difference between their posing/facial expressions. The only difference is some of the other have a…particular…face

  22. Michael B Jordan dated 23yo Lori Harvey... just like Leo DiCaprio dated a 19yo recently.

  23. She was 23 he was 32. That’s not shocking to me honestly

  24. i really feel like she’s not as boring as people claim she is. maybe just super protective of her own self. i actually think she’s interesting because she literally gives us nothing sometimes, then snippets the next. i also love that she has a variety in music taste, as do i. lol idk i’m rambling. this white wine & 🍃💨 is hitting crazy lmaooo

  25. People call her boring because she does the bare minimum on a show she clearly don’t care about. But she’s always the one travelling with friends, going out, having actual hobbies or activities.

  26. Kendall seems to have the most interesting/varied music taste out of all the sisters, for as ~boring~ as she comes off at times lol. I love this song 😩

  27. Listen to Zaza World Radio on Apple Music. Its a radio show she used to host with her best friend and they curated the best musics playlists

  28. I’m sorry but…SHE’S 25 ????

  29. Soz I’m British and I know it’s a bad habit but it really isn’t a big deal?? 90% of people I know smoke? I mean with the world we are living in why would we care to try and live longer

  30. Yeah me too. I was just sharing the post because i saw people wondering if she was a smoker or if she just posed with a cigarette.

  31. What restaurant let’s you smoke cigarettes unless it’s outside in like Greece?

  32. In France none. It’s forbidden to smoke inside (except les fumoirs/smoking area).

  33. Her post is giving “i want the world to know i was invited to Oprah bday and hangout with Sharon Stone cause i cannot believe it myself”.

  34. Imma need someone to refer please I’m begging 🥺 😭 (i have no shot at MBJ i know)

  35. Wow you are very talented! Honestly should try and sell it to her

  36. YES!!!!!!! On the floor of an NBA game basketball court

  37. Most celebrities courtside bring their own drinks or bottles actually

  38. It’s gotta bug her deep down that Kylie is so much better at editorial

  39. Some of you really need to understand the difference between what Kendall is doing (Campaigns for brands) and what Kylie is doing (promoting herself). Two very very different ways of doing « editorials ». They don’t have the same expectations or freedom

  40. Nah, Kylie just gives better face all day long. You’re very defensive, you should smize more. 🤭

  41. I’m not defensive. I’m tired of people comparing two types of work that are fundamentally different just to shit on a sister over the other. Especially since Kendall can do very good photoshoots too when having the same control and freedom allowed. That’s the whole difference between being hired for a campaign and invited to do a cover for a magazine as a public figure.

  42. I love how it's like collectively known and accepted that Khloe is not single currently 😂

  43. We ain’t lying to ourselves like she does. This woman is in a relationship even if he’s not

  44. The dress look amazing on her ngl

  45. I wonder if the clothing she's showing, is the same as the stuff being delivered to her customers?

  46. I don’t think so. Just like i don’t believe the Skims that we see on Kim or on the Skims ad are close to the ones customers get.

  47. Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

  48. Holy ! You are totally right ! I mixed up the order. Thank you :)

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