1. Unpopular opinion maybe but if you are not one of the parent you should have BOTH parents permission to post their kid.

  2. Having this much money to get brain scans on everyone for shits & giggles…

  3. Americans and their expensive healthcare

  4. We don't do brain scans for fun and giggles even in countries were we have universal healthcare

  5. Yeah but you can get one in case of headaches or a « small » thing when in USA they probably have to think about taking a loan. Its sad

  6. If it helps you make a decision, so far it is deeply disturbing. The show is incredibly well done, acting is unparalleled, but just getting through the first episode was difficult. It was horrifying. Literally kept me up at night because of how disturbed I was. I can’t imagine being family to any of these victims and having the horrific end to their loved ones be reenacted so well.

  7. I’m really torn about watching or not cause its very interesting on one part but the victims families made it cristal clear that they are against the project and find it disrespectful

  8. Sh said in her radio show that she can get attached very quickly but also get detached very quickly and doesn’t stay in relationship for anyone else than her (basically if the relationships doesn’t feel good to her she’s out so no wonder she’s hoping from one to the other).

  9. A 20 something yo should be able to enjoy dating without cheating though. You know right from wrong at that point.

  10. Idk if we are speculating (which is 100% ok) i would say she doesn’t strike me as someone that would give energy in fake relationship shes barely giving energy to fake storylines on the show lol.

  11. Nope it was made official around july

  12. Do you think Kendall actually loves Devin or is she using him to make Ben jealous?

  13. Honestly who knows what was on her mind when she started dating him (timeline his short between Ben and Devin) but after 2 and half year of relationship and looking at how she’s glowing now i don’t think she think about Simmons AT ALL. Booker is much more successful too

  14. Tyler yes and the rest of Odd Futur. She’s also friend with members of the Asap Mob (Nast, Ferg and dated Rocky) Friendly with Lil baby, Baby Keem, Sza, Doja, the Weekend, Drake, Saweetie, Jhene Aiko, Jazmin Sullivan, Teyana Taylor etc who all have been invited to her birthday years after years..

  15. Friends or acquaintances tho? There's a difference. Kim has plenty of high profile acquaintances, she just doesn't have any friends.

  16. I mean to me friends are very personal but Kendall often hangs out with lot of these people. They show up to her bday, launch events and shout out 818 so i guess its in the realm of « good acquaintances ». Obviously at various level of closeness.

  17. I’m sure Naomi had some shit to say about the KJ and i imagine them laughing at the fam in this pic

  18. I noticed they used to be all so close to Riccardo Tisci (Corey and Kris met at his bday)

  19. I think a lot of people in Hollywood are only interested in other people who can do things to boost their careers, and since the Kardashians aren’t really connected to acting/film/music opportunities (not counting the K men regarding music), they see no benefit to cozying up to them

  20. This was the party hosted by Kim AND Kanye at their house. The one hosted by Kourtney for example was only their calabasas friends

  21. If that’s the worst thing she’s done—then she’s good. It’s not like she was the creative director behind the commercial and also she’s expressed remorse and apologized.

  22. People act like she wrote and directed the add.

  23. I can’t stand the way they talk and the mannerisms

  24. Its too funny, kendall and Kylie assistants are like in the same vibes as each of them.

  25. I guess for people being interesting is having a messy life or a very public one lol

  26. Bella is of course beautiful but I can’t be the only one who thinks she looks so sad and a bit sickly. I’m too old to know too much more about her but from this sub alone, I’ve heard she’s a sweetheart with a piece of shit for a mother. 😞

  27. She suffers from an ED caused by her mom and the insane pressure she puts on herself to be “the greatest model”.

  28. Models in general are looking thinner this year (imo). I don’t remember which show it was, but I watched one from NYFW and the models were tiny. Standard runway models are always thin obviously but the last few years have trended towards a healthier, ‘fit’ looking type of thin. I hope we aren’t going back to the Kate Moss days.

  29. Oh we are 100% going back to Kate moss days

  30. She can’t mind her fucking business

  31. Khloe wishes Tristan would make public declarations all over SM like Ye did for Kim when he wanted his family back. Poor little thing bless her heart.

  32. I think this is about his mom right ?

  33. ask people why they think travis looks ugly and watch all of the reasons be anti-black. In this subreddit alone i have read people comment about how he looks dusty, he’s ugly and has huge lips and nose, etc. His style is great and perfect for him. He designs amazing shoes and streetwear and is handsome. you can think what you want about him as a person but looks wise look deeper as to why you think he is ugly.

  34. Agree ! He’s a trend setter ! Any new shoe he drops gets immediately in the sneaker all if fame. His style fits him perfectly but also our era.

  35. Does KAT have other businesses / invest his NBA money similar to Book?

  36. Not that i know of. He got some sponsorship deals, big ones like Gatorade and some other things but he hasn’t made it public if h got other type of deals/investment like Book.

  37. Theres literally no way Kendall has more money than Devin lol

  38. I didn’t said she has more. I said she probably don’t care cause she has plenty of her own and grew up in money so probably that its less important than a good, loving and caring relationship. She said so on her interview that she cares more about acts than gifts or something like that.

  39. It’s unfortunate that it seems we can’t have a non partisan discussion around Jordyn or the Fam and kind of pushed to take a side.

  40. I just wish Jordyn could shine on her own. She seems to have a dependency on people, first Kylie and now KAT.

  41. The weirdest part is not Jordyn. Its Jordyn mom. She’s everywhere with them. I swear Karl family isn’t around Karl as much as Jordyn mom lol

  42. Do you think they actually run there own insta accounts? When I see comments like "so and so liked so and so's picture" or unfollowed so and so. Its very possible they didn't, and just have people managing these accounts. I watched a documentary(about van life) that said you can also get bots to make your account like and comment anything that's relevant so you can gain followers through seeming active. I dunno, what do you think?

  43. Kendall revealed in her latest interview that she has a social media manager and his barely on her social media accounts (not surprising its obvious)

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