[Kanell] Welcome to the playoff Ohio State. Way to do it the hard way!! Not everyone can get smoked at home by 22 points, sit on their couch with their pom poms and watch other teams risk it all and back their way in!! 👏👏

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  1. Number 9 Penn State only loses were to Michigan State and Ohio State. They should have been rank higher.

  2. Who are you ranking them ahead of? Your best win is checks notes Purdue?

  3. Well, Bama only lost by 2/3 points in away games, vs OSU getting their asses kicked at home. Neither team deserves getting in.

  4. OSU also beat all of there opponents pretty soundly except ND Alabama had a 1 point game and 4 points game vs unranked Texas and unranked Texas AM

  5. If Tennessee was prepared for South Carolina they would be here but they allowed 63 points

  6. I was all over here-salvia palth

  7. Ohio has not just an Albany, but also a New Albany.

  8. Phoebe bridgers cause I love her music

  9. No way. A one loss USC or a one loss ACC champ still gets in over UT. It's been pretty clear. You want to get in, win your conference

  10. Voters sec bias will definitely put Tennessee in

  11. Probably going to end up Georgia Michigan/osu TCU USC/Tennessee

  12. Either bullets or three cheers I love the heavier stuff of bullets like drowning lessons and vampires will never hurt you and three cheers has some of my favorite songs like venom ghost of your prison and fashion statement

  13. I don't think it sounds like Johnny, more like Jonny

  14. lol no you're good - yeah I think it's Jonny just talking/whispering but I've also heard people say it's "Will's first rap verse" but I think people are just dumb cuz we're on reddit and make stuff up for fun.

  15. Yeah I at first thought it was Jon whispering I'm pretty sure it's not will though

  16. Logan to government center but it's just a guy named Logan on stage trying to call the DMV

  17. I love weight but it's cause I don't eat as much anymore I hate it

  18. Maybe one of the three goes well with your middle. I would say them all with your last name and just try each out for 3 days 3 choices 3 names first, middle, last, so 3 days playing with each sounds perfect.

  19. Just say that your not into guys it's that simple don't toy with his heart don't get his feelings up just admit it outright

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