Better Call Saul S06E11 - "Breaking Bad" - Post-Episode Discussion Thread

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  1. After just 3 weeks? wow, if you get the visa then that'd be pretty quick. Where did you apply from?

  2. 40-year-old fatso with man tits and ridiculous muttonchops getting piss drunk by himself while screaming into a camera for his audience of like 20 people.

  3. Nice to meet you too slightly smarter person! What do you do?

  4. Nothing much, I’m a private English tutor. I do it so I can focus on my copywriting goals. I’m about as normal as they come! Honestly my IQ could be lower/higher but either points on the range shouldn’t - at least statistically - put me at a disadvantage, the same goes for you too. People with IQs in our range should be aware that the world is really ours to lose!

  5. Waste of time. The GOAT of IQ explaining brevity, Brian White has done that already, and if you read his posts you’ll have already probably seen a reference to Haier’s book.

  6. Bald and broke and bankrupt and fat and abroad and loser and traveler .... can't remember what the words are anymore - too many two name, freakshow sexpat rapists on youtube nowadays.

  7. Teach English in a foreign country like me! I’m dumb as shit but conscientious so paid well for the hours I work. You should see the sub-85 drunk foreigners who manage to secure teaching jobs! You’ll be one of the better ones for sure!

  8. Can someone with a low IQ have good music taste? - Like listening to Aphex Twin, Radiohead, Miles Davis, Phillip Glass and similar? Also know many facts about football history, video games history, similar?

  9. Great video. Glad you didn’t leave out his coterie of delusional sex pests - Johnny FD springs to mind!

  10. Sweet another standard to add to modern woman’s already exhaustive list of reasons not to date men in the 21st century.

  11. Wyn needs to dump his ass, he always manages to descend to depths I never thought possible.

  12. Anyone have any guess as to who the entertainers are? Have two names but only cos they match the ages in the article

  13. 115 - 125. My verbal abilities are exceptional but my scores are dragged down by my low fluid retat level IQ (prob mid 90s). I got a Master’s in Philosophy (just a shitty merit overall) and now I train kids the verbal portion of the SAT and teach the IELTS in Vietnam. I’d like to go to grad school and study another course in linguistics and stay in the education field.

  14. You've deffo got some mental illness. According to the wais interpretation manual, neither GAI nor FSIQ may be interpreted as reliable when there's a VSI PSI discrepancy of at least 23 points. Your job sounds pretty fun tho.

  15. Karl’s probably more successful than most if not all of us on this sub Reddit. Takes one test gets 85 and likely never worries about his IQ again - that in itself is proof enough

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