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  1. Seller might just be dumber than a box of rocks. Had a short sale property I submitted multiple offers on back in 2016 (offer was high enough it wouldn't have resulted in the bank being shorted either), world's worst bank (Wells Fargo) didn't have their shit together and fucked around enough that I quit playing their stupid games after like 3 months of headaches and submitted offers on other properties and ended up buying my current home. A few months after I had closed on my home I found out the property had sold for almost $20k less than my offer, meaning the bank definitely lost money.

  2. OK. Last attempt. There are several contingencies that allow buyers to rescind their offer. Period. Accepting the highest offer without regard for other contract contingencies is a bad idea. Period. Hopefully that is clear enough regardless of where the buyer and seller live. Which part of that would you like to argue?

  3. Agree! I’m a doctor too and have been on Wegovy, now Mounjaro…the negativity is frustrating on any of the social media boards when they are such excellent medications. I hope you’re doing well with Ozempic!

  4. Reddit forums are ALWAYS more caustic than Facebook groups. I don't know what it is about Reddit but I prefer most forums in Facebook groups. People in general are much more civil.

  5. Reddit forums are completely anonymous. Most small subreddits are minimally moderated and even then voluntarily. Different business models are going to curate different audiences. Take the good and just disregard the bad.

  6. That's actually a really good point. I hadn't thought of it that way. Completely explains why there are so many haters on Reddit. There's no accountability.

  7. I have a question. I started ozempic last sunday .25 dose. I was amazed how it curbed my appetite . By friday i was starving. I don't know what to do. I'm a type 2 diabetic and was on trulicity 1.5 mil for years. I'm suppose to take my 2nd dose tomorrow. Why is this happening?

  8. I would think, being your first dose, you have yet to build up the chemical sufficiently. As you continue to take it, more will build up...especially as you increase your dosage. Of course, I'm not a doctorologist so...

  9. The lateral view lets you evaluate the patella.

  10. So does the sunrise. How did you determine NOT to do a sunrise? The old supine leg lift test?

  11. If there’s a transverse fx of the patella it is contraindicating to do a sunrise

  12. Damn in Oz it’s 4 yrs and keep going up. Might as well do medicine and become a radiologist.

  13. Waiting for a Rad to comment on this... Rads here in America are looking at 16 years and up. A far cry from four years.

  14. Are you saying 16yrs of studying to become a radiographer?

  15. How much weight are you losing on the combination of factor keto meals and ozempic? I’m on ozempic and hit a weight loss stall for about 3-4 months and just started factor keto today to hopefully change that.

  16. Over a six month period I lost 70-75 lbs. I stopped Factor(to save money) and was taken off Metformin (doctor's orders due to dizziness and weight loss). Now I've been at a stalll for 6 weeks.

  17. The anomaly here is that the Seller's LISTENED to the advice of the realtor. My Seller's demand top dollar and their houses sit for three months.

  18. Good bot. Seeking medical advice from strangers on the internet is a bad idea.

  19. Took me three months to see any loss. Oct will be one year. I'm down 70 but have plateau ed for the past 5 weeks.

  20. You guys would have loved me. I went all out as director. Free food catered every day, including weekends. Games, gift bags, posters, shirts. I even did a commemorative coin one year.

  21. Could you forward that to every hospital HR in the country? That would be great, thanks. Lol

  22. Well, posts like these are why I wrote it. It doesn’t have to cost the company a single penny to celebrate rad tech week. I included templates to send to the vendors asking for their sponsorship. And simple games and potluck ideas that can be done by the employees. There’s really no reason every radiology department in the country cannot celebrate rad tech week. But most are dictated that they are not allowed because "it would be unfair to other departments." Wtf?

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