1. Bonus: UCU pissing everyone off with their STWC supporting motion

  2. Mark your calendars for the thirteenth of June, Jack Monroe fans!

  3. I have a feeling, or at least I hope I have a feeling, of what you were actually trying to drive at.

  4. I think it would be interesting to do a proper poll asking how often people post, comment etc and what app they use

  5. I'll probably put a proper detailed poll together over the weekend via Google forms, but that takes a bit of time and i could just whack this on in two minutes while getting a coffee at work and get some broad stroke feedback.

  6. But you've used a method of polling that means some users (RiF) can't vote without logging in again!

  7. What is the archetypal piece of 2010s British media? Something that totally encapsulates that decade.

  8. Ashley Dalton MP (Labour, West Lancs; the winner of the byelection after Rosie Cooper resigned to be the chair of an NHS Trust)

  9. I was going for the “fishers of men” sounding like Jesus giving bait lessons in trolling, what are you going for?

  10. For the first, exposing hypocrisy in those that claim to have none; for the second, for people to actually try and understand a view instead of just reacting to it, often woefully inaccurately.

  11. https://edition.cnn.com/2023/05/31/politics/trump-tape-classified-document-iran-milley/index.html

  12. We apparently missed, in March, that Finland was proposing sending Ukraine their F18s.

  13. .. But it doesn't follow the EU entirely on food and agriculture legislation and has a similar attitude that it is the EU that has to drag it's standards up to to meet the norwegian ones; and imports are taxed heavily to promote Norwegian industry instead.

  14. The UK will never get anything like that. The EEA was ratified 30 years ago and the EU doesn't like it, to the point that it had to essentially bully Norway into submission to introduce some legislation even though by virtue of the treaty they could refuse it.

  15. Yes, I know. Welcome to the arguments we were having in 2015.

  16. You know the best thing they could do here is codify it in law.

  17. 3000 and one black storm shadows of Sunak, inshallah

  18. Half of this is down to one thing and the other half, to another thing

  19. The issue is, the volume of wealth you now need to accumulate to achieve the kind of aspirational lifestyle they’re appealing to.

  20. The idea that private education is not just a luxury, but a requirement, is wild to me.

  21. TLDR: In the Scottish Trade Union Congress a month or so ago, the leadership saw the Stop the War fringe coming and fought to put their own motion front and center to exclude STW.

  22. The bonus swipe at Israel is pretty depressing.

  23. In a world where the entire house of commons has fucked it

  24. No, a slightly younger Charlotte Ivers who's doing this policy thing with Seb Payne tomorrow.

  25. If I wrote a fictional account of this event a week ago, it would be called a twisted parody of reality.

  26. Thanks for having the patience to explain the bleeding obvious at length.

  27. Which was afforded as a benefit of being a citizen of a member in the bloc, and not issued as one in and of itself.

  28. That doesn't mean European Citizenship doesn't exist along with the citizenship of the member state, did you know Danish citizens living in the Faroe Islands lose their EU citizenship?

  29. The faroe islands are not party to the EU, eea or efta so that does not surprise me.

  30. Cool so we will still need oil and gas in the next 30 years so where are we buying it from? Qatar and Saudi? And how are we going to transition all that gas usage, especially when the sun doesn't shine and wind doesn't blow in winter (the contingency coal plants we used this winter have been shut down), is there a plan to build more nuclear, like Finland is doing?

  31. We get the vast majority of our imported oil and gas from Norway. No idea why you're immediately reaching for Saudi and Qatar.

  32. No one had anything stuck up their arse.

  33. Interior designers so hot under the collar right now

  34. Cadbury Flake too crumbly for 99s, moan ice cream sellers

  35. That sounds like a marketing problem honestly. 99s are great and all but I'd pay just as much for a paper box of the same amount of ice cream and a crumbled flake on top and a wooden spoon. It's actually probably more convenient because I don't have to worry about it dripping all over me.

  36. You'd love it over here then where a 99 is dipped in powdered chocolate

  37. Jolyon Maugham on bbc 2’s politics live. It was so strange to see him covered on the American podcast, Blocked and Reported -

  38. Oh yes, but now we will be robbed of the "stunning" moment when the holograms are turned off and the musicians are still there, it can't be, it is, it's ABBA LIVE!

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