1. they are barely dropping. something needs to be updated. cause i did way too much grinding the other day & didn’t get any red borders.

  2. I grind since 4 Days every day 10h and didn‘t got a single red border drop of the wastelander i got 2 the whole time i play it since the 30th anniversary is out but in last 4 days not a single.

  3. Do you got any option to make an 3D scan from the HMS Launcher??? Cause i want one of them but at ebay they cost 120€ and more. :/

  4. AWESOME blade. Probably the only one where among the Hasbro releases of the first six HMS blades, they really screwed it up aside from ugly stickers. (Takara Dranzer MS superior...)

  5. Got the same but without the launcher grip 😅 Dranzer ms is one of the nicest blades ever existet. Hate this new shit and what they‘ve done to this awsome amine :/

  6. Do you got any options to scan the grip with an 3D Scanner? Cause i look for such grip for a long time but didn‘t find anything in network.

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