1. Right now I'm playing Demons Roots and I think it's very good. Great story, characters and art. You need to be strategic in boss battle or you will get killed. The lewd part is the weak point, not bad but not great and the vast majority of it is in an optinal place called DoReMi. The lewd part is not integrated in the mecanics of the game.

  2. Sengoku Rance. Even if I didn't said it, somebody else would have. This is a well known game for this mechanic. You have to conquer Japan et for each territory you take, there are warrior, general and civilians to fuck (all female).

  3. Star knightess Aura is a RPG corruption game but a very very slow one. Good mechanics for a RPG Maker game, good 2d art and good writing. I can't recommand it enough if you like slow corruption.

  4. Tentacles thrive is probably something you would like. No girls harem but you are the girl with a harem of tentacles and you have to breed them.

  5. "The fixer" is a 2D game with customisation of your main character. I can't tell you if the game is good because I just started but the customisation, so far, is good. You can also have access to many pieces of clothing and make-up.

  6. The Milton twins got wrecked in that video playing on the laptop

  7. The art looks great! I imagine we can expect the mechanics of VA-11 Hall-A? Will there be other mechanics? In any case, I wish you success!

  8. Sorry, could you please send it again? It disappeared somehow. Thanks!

  9. I really love the concept where you can choose to wear the armor for a defense buff or not for a speed and moral buff.

  10. "Goblin Burrow" and its sequel "Goblin Burrow I'll born" fit perfectly your description.

  11. First of all, I love the art style! 2D anime style with realistic proportions, you tick all the boxes for me.

  12. If a game is purely a VN, I will probably never play it. I love complex game mechanic and this is what will make me come back to the game and enjoy it for a long time. But the art is what will catch my attention in the first place. Imo 2D > 3D.

  13. I would recommand "Monster girl Bifrost". A solid brothel management game with monster girls. It's available on steam.

  14. Star Knightess Aura is a good corruption game if you like when it's a slow process. Very well written and the mechanics are good for a RPG maker game.

  15. Goblin burrow. A great goblin game where you need to breed your army of goblins with the women you capture.

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