1. Are the ones you’ve reacted to truly only mineral sunscreens? I find that chemical sunscreens of any kind sting my face as soon as I sweat, as I often do in the summer sun. I love the elta md tinted mineral sunscreen, but I know they make other versions that are a combo of mineral and chemical sunscreens. As soon as I was sure to use the version that was mineral sunscreen only, I stopped reacting.

  2. I just ordered the numbuzin no. 4 Firming cream. I was also looking for a product with high ginseng content, but didn’t contain denatured alcohol, which it seems all the high end ginseng products do. I’m still waiting on it, so can’t report anything yet, but I’m really hoping I like it.

  3. I think you might have olive skin tone, which is probably why neutral foundations tend to do best, and can complicate finding a warm/cool season that works.

  4. Thank you so much for your thorough answer! This color thing is so complicated, but what you're saying makes sense.

  5. I swatched those 2 shades next to each other. The Smashbox is indeed lighter, so you could try it. But like the other commenter said, the LE formula is really nice, and I prefer it. So maybe getting a white mixer would work for you. Here are the

  6. I use Elta MD. The truth is, the tint is only really there to prevent a white cast, since it’s a mineral sunscreen, but the color universally works. It really doesn’t change my coloring at all.

  7. I finally gave up on finding a palette with all the cool colors I needed and decided to make my own with Sydney Grace individual pans. One of these days, I want to do a massive swatch post of all the colors I got, but my favorites are: Drift, Parallax Light, Speedway, Enjoy the Ride, Grounds, Admiral, Wonderful World, Apple Picking, Dream Maker, Blushed, Rover, The Mielke Way.

  8. I got the first batch of these to try (this is batch #2) and can report in as a pale olive. The formula is TO DIE FOR, not sticky at all. The two lighter rose colors (#2 and #3 from top in the image) are nice neutral shades, a YLBB and YLB redder). I would prefer them a bit cooler but they are flattering. Blood Thorn (#4 from top in the image) looks meh on me — just muddy brown, and the black one is terrible-looking on me as I’m a soft summer. Dark Thorn, the eggplant one, is my favorite though— really nice drama without being Too Much.

  9. Thank you!!! I’m also a soft summer, and the black one looked not for me, and I was most excited about the lighter rose and the eggplant colors. But I figured at that price, I might as well order the set of all 6. Sounds like the colors worked on you exactly how I imagine they’ll work on me 😊.

  10. I’ve been mixing 2.5 and 9.5 (the true olives) together, but I love this foundation, too!

  11. Same!! Lisa Eldridge 9 is my best match and finally confirmed for me my suspicion that I was olive.

  12. Thank you. Is this something that can be purchased in a store?

  13. No, it’s only on her website. But you can email their customer service with a picture and they will attempt a shade match for you. You can then order sample sets of 4 close shades together to try them out and pick your best match before committing. For what it’s worth, they shade matched me perfectly, and I have an almost impossible time finding matches in other brands as a light neutral olive. And I’ve been so impressed with the formula as it doesn’t crease or settle into my wrinkles like other brands. I’m 38, by the way, if that matters.

  14. Hey skin twin 👋 Condensate and Beverly Hills are my two favorite blush colors also. Exothermic looks beautiful, and looks almost the same as my other favorite match, Ritual de Fille in Eros.

  15. Thank you for the swatches! KGD213 is my closest match; do you happen to know if any of these are close to that?

  16. I wear 1.5, and KGD 213 is too bright and yellow for me. My guess is it would be closest to 4.

  17. I have my basic skincare routine down, and feel ready to start adding some specialized ingredients. My skin is combination, live in a temperate climate, and I want to target elasticity, wrinkles, and enlarged pores. I prefer no fragrance or alcohol. How do these products look? Anything missing I should add? Or anything awful I should remove?

  18. My husband has a shellfish allergy. Do you think my wearing it could make him react if he comes in close contact to where it was applied on me?

  19. Is he at risk for anafylactic shock when he comes into contact with the tiniest shellfish particle? Then I wouldn’t risk it. If he gets issues only after ingesting them (and nowhere near dying) then you’re fine. Stuff on your skin won’t end up in his metabolism just like that. (Unless he has a thing for licking your face).

  20. No, his allergy is not that serious, so I do think ingesting them is the main issue. I’ll have to warn him “no face licking” if I’ve just applied some 🤣

  21. It drops on WoW+ Sundays at 2am so most people watch it later that morning, however in Sweden it also airs on television as well as on the dedicated streaming service of SVT a Swedish broadcaster.

  22. My arm is like 3 shades lighter than my face. I never color match to my arm. I just swatched them there to compare to each other.

  23. I also doubt that all blues are unflattering. The two blues you showed are either very saturated or very bright/icy, and there’s a good chance you’re more muted, as many olives are. Have you tried a muted cornflower blue or something like that? There’s nothing to say olives can’t wear blues, it’s just about finding the right shade/saturation/depth of any color that works best for you.

  24. The coolest shade I’ve seen is Ritual de Fille Intuition. It’s a full on gray, even cooler than Fenty amber. It’s not a stick though, so not sure if that’s a deal breaker.

  25. Which one is closest to your ear? It looks like it could be a good match for me 👀

  26. I found the Armani labeling system for their shades to be very confusing. My best match with them is 1.5, which is supposedly fair, although I am light to medium in most other brands.

  27. I've also heard a lot of good things about Merit....how is the stay power?

  28. It’s decent. I think it’s just my skin, but blush seems to be the first product to disappear on my face no matter what I’m wearing, but the Merit holds up as well as everything else I own, maybe a couple hours. It might do better on other types of skin though.

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