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  1. Disclaimer: the token issuer hasn’t gone through KYC yet. Please proceed with caution and do your own research! Transaction Mem

  2. Why would it say this if its L1 on XRPL... makes no sense!

  3. Not to be too negative, but ripping CDs is just another drop in quality from an already compromised format. If you're joining the digital era, perhaps it's time to leave the old collection behind and download new music in wav/aif format?

  4. Get a cd ripper, and rip the tracks to MP3. Shouldn’t cost you much.

  5. Thank you… I’m trying to avoid spending a ton of time ripping each one.

  6. Hmmm, interesting. Found this article regarding Amex/Gebb.

  7. But did you read the last paragraph …

  8. Spelled Hindenburg Research and Muddy Waters...

  9. You’re too inconsistent on $XPOA and $ZNTE for me to think your analysis is something I can recommend.

  10. Look at john collison’s comment on this . Either he’s trolling hard or we have the target

  11. Which part? Most of it is from my own experience in buying secondary shares

  12. Thanks for replying... the “secondaries selling” part

  13. You make great points of course, however I truly believe this SPAC was specifically designed to take Lucid public, which is why the board members are who they are and why it’s the 2nd largest SPAC ever with a small amount of warrants.

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